Is It Safe to Use Marijuana After Getting a COVID Shot?

It’s been a year since we were all isolated and quarantined while the world slowly turned into a giant prison. […]

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Everything About Cannabis and Health

Medical cannabis is now legal in 36 states, plus Washington D.C. More and more people are now consulting an MMJ […]

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Medical Cannabis

Fake or Fact? Medical Marijuana Edition

Medical marijuana became a huge part of our society very quickly. Today, we have people all across the globe ready […]

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Why Should You Stay Away From DIY Hydrocarbon Extraction?

Hydrocarbon extraction uses Butane and Propane as the main solvents to produce highly potent cannabis extracts. The methods of extraction […]

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Smoking Marijuana

A Beginner’s Guide on Smoking Marijuana

Finally, you have decided to try cannabis for medical purposes. We welcome you. Since you haven’t smoked cannabis before, you […]

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