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Welcome to San Jose Medical Marijuana Card- The Pioneer in 100% 420 Evaluations

San Jose Medical Marijuana Card is a 100% telemedicine platform. we help medical marijuana cannabis patients connect with compassionate MMJ doctors. Our team of medical cannabis doctors have decades of experience and have a remarkable understanding of the health benefits of medical marijuana. Therefore, you will not only get a recommendation but also help to choose the right cannabis product.

Proposition 215, also known the Compassionate Use Act, gave individuals the right to use and possess medical cannabis legally. It also allowed cannabis patients to consult an MMJ doctor about the medical marijuana use in the state of California.

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Our HIPAA compliant, 3-step process allows you to undergo 420 evaluations with one of our MMJ doctors from the comfort of your home. It can be done from your smartphone or any mobile device. So, now no need to wait in line or spend time looking for safe parking. Just click on the Get Started button below, and connect with one of our trained MMJ doctors.

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