3 Things To Consider For Cannabis Users With San Jose 420 Evaluations

Today, medical marijuana is stronger than ever. Minds that were once hostile to cannabis use are now rooting for it, thanks to the support of key medical marijuana advocates and modern science. Moreover, many studies are being done to find evidence in support of medicinal uses of this herb.

And since it has been discovered that cannabis is a miracle herb, it is no longer prohibited. This legalization of cannabis has made it possible for many people suffering from problems like depression, arthritis, diabetes, and even cancer to get relief. Unfortunately, cannabis is only legal at the state level. It is still considered federally illegal which means you have to qualify for San Jose 420 evaluations to buy cannabis legally in California. The same is true for other states where it is legal.

Let’s See What Are The Things That Can Be Dangerous For Cannabis Users:

San Jose 420 Evaluations

  • Contaminated Cannabis

Cannabis is now cultivated on a large scale to meet its demand. And since it has become a source of income for many businesses and organizations, the quality of cannabis is being compromised. Many medical marijuana samples from dispensaries and shops have been found contaminated with pesticides, rodenticides, fungicides, and insecticides. Some researchers have discovered that toxic additives such as thinning agents are extremely dangerous to cannabis users.

Cannabis is supposed to heal you not the vice versa. It’s important to consume buds that are free from any pesticides and additives. To avoid consuming the contaminated buds, it’s advisable to grow your own medical cannabis. If you are a medical marijuana patient, you are allowed to grow up to 6 plants in your backyard in California provided your medical condition qualifies for San Jose 420 evaluations. You can even ask the budtender about the products and buy uncontaminated cannabis.

  • DIY Dabs

Even though dabbing isn’t an evil act, it is highly dangerous. Moreover, it is illegal to make your own concentrate for dabbing. The process of dabbing involves butane which is an unpredictably dangerous and versatile gas. According to a study it was found that you can get severe burns while creating your own dab at home. DIY Dabs gives more high efficiency and are often difficult to control. It also increases your tolerance for medical marijuana. This is why it isn’t always recommended to make your own DIY dabs.

  • Moldy Weed

The Fresh Toast published a report which showed that two people were killed from medical marijuana consumption due to severe and rare lung infections. It’s extremely important to buy and consume cannabis that is fresh and free from molds. The best way to ensure your cannabis is fresh is to look for discoloration signs and smell. If it has a musty smell and dark color like green, blue or black, don’t use it. Moreover, even removing the moldy spots from cannabis does not make it healthy and edible.

Since cannabis is legal, it is readily available. Anyone can now walk into a dispensary and buy as much cannabis as they need by presenting a valid cannabis card. However, not all cannabis is the same and of high quality. Therefore, it’s important that you do your research well in advance and buy high-quality cannabis only.

What Are The Best Medical Marijuana Strains For Hypertension?

Hypertension is just another name for high blood pressure. It happens when the blood pressure in your blood vessels is higher than it should be. As per a study conducted by Centers for Disease Control(CDC), more than 33% of adult American population is suffering from hypertension.

While hypertension might not seem like a serious disease, especially in comparison to seizures and cancer, it is still known as a “silent killer” in the medical industry as it doesn’t occur with any warning signs.

But the fact is failure to treat hypertension may increase your chances of getting cardiovascular issues, heart disease or even stroke. The fact is another 33% of adult American population suffers from prehypertension, which means they are on the verge of being diagnosed with hypertension.

Hypertension And Medical Marijuana

Today, thanks to the advancement in medical field, there are various ways to keep your blood pressure in control. And medical marijuana is one of them. According to some studies, it is evident that the body’s natural THC helps in relaxing blood vessels enabling blood to flow freely. And since the body’s natural THC can help combat hypertension, it is believed that specific cannabis strains can also have a positive impact on the patient due to their high THC content.

Hypertension and medical marijuana

There are a variety of medical marijuana strains to choose from but not every strain is easily available at every dispensary. Thus, we have researched and found some medical marijuana strains that are easily available and have been known to overcome hypertension. But before you dive into the world of medical marijuana to treat your hypertension, you must know that you need to qualify for San Jose 420 evaluations to buy MMJ legally.   

Green Crack

Green Crack is one of the most popular strains that contains 16% THC on average and known to combat the symptoms of chronic pain and arthritis. While it is used to treat depression, chronic pain and arthritis, it works great to stay relaxed throughout the day. The high levels of THC present in this strain works as the body’s natural THC and provide a positive impact on the body.

Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream is yet another popular choice among medical marijuana patients. It has a great kick that combats a variety of medical problems apart from offering a feeling of balance and relaxation. It has been effective in treating the symptoms of depression, ADD/ADHD, and chronic fatigue but has also been known to treat hypertension by relaxing their blood vessels.

Northern Lights

Just like previous two strains, Northern Lights also provide an uplifting, relaxing and happy feeling. It is known to treat the symptoms of pain, nausea, insomnia, headaches, depression and anxiety. Northern Lights contains 18% THC and also helps treat blood pressure by relaxing the muscles and removing bodily pain, allowing the blood to circulate properly.

Hindu Kush

This strain was originated on a mountain range that spreads from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Hindu Kush marijuana strain is a potent pure indica and contains approximately 20% THC. While it is great for insomnia and pain, the relaxation effect it offers removes any stress one may feel.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is recommended as the top marijuana strain by dispensaries to treat a number of medical conditions. It was emerged from Oakland, California, and is extremely popular among the locals. It is great to combat stress and offers ultimate relaxing feeling, which is exactly what a person suffering from hypertension needs.  

Black Larry bird

Black Larry Bird is a powerful marijuana strain that has approximately 28% THC and is a hybrid of Gelato #33 and Black Domina. This strain is specifically for relaxation and since it is powerful, it’s always advisable to avoid consuming it before heading to work.

Sour Diesel

Even though it’s genetics are a mystery to many people, Sour Diesel is considered to be a hybrid of Skunk No. 1, Chemdawg, and Northern Lights. Having 0.2% CBD and 22% THC level, it is a preferred strain to lower anxiety and stress associated with hypertension. It is also known to boost creativity.


If you have hypertension and open to the consumption of cannabis to treat it, choose your cannabis strain carefully. It is important to explore and see if it is effective and easily available at your local dispensary. And remember you will be asked for an MMJ card or a recommendation letter at a dispensary so make sure your medical condition qualifies for San Jose 420 evaluations.