What Are The Short Term Effects of Vaping? San Jose 420 Doctor Talk About The Options.

“Is it time to Quit Smoking?” This article by the mighty New York Times shook a lot of patients who were trying to seek help using medical marijuana therapy. Furthermore, a Youth Risk Behavior Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shared data that showed more than 50% of students are trying to vape. And that there might be short term effects of vaping. San Jose 420 doctor is trying to establish a similar link subsequently.

While a lot of people believe vaping as harmless, such articles claiming vaping health hazards can be very devastating. Adding to that is the lesser availability of any research that could support the fact either way. But, to avoid any epidemic, the USFDA us trying to find the connection between vaping and health risks. Or whether such claims are valid.

Can Vape Cause Any Health-related Concerns?

After a dozen of cases following the consumption of e-cigarettes in the first part of this year, the cases grew in number to more than 120. So, the FDA decided to intervene in the proceedings to determine the incidents and the truth behind every vaping case. According to a youth smoking prevention campaign, some of the vaping manufacturers are fueling youngsters to join vaping by their choice, as if they use them as a “human guinea pig”. Hopefully, soon, the results will come out, and the public will find the true facts about vaping and its serious health implications.

But, is that the only way to consume medical marijuana? Well, that would be a false statement altogether, when companies are coming up with a wide variety of marijuana products. If you are concerned with the short term effects of vaping, San Jose 420 doctor recommends using the following consumption methods with minimal health risks. However, you must go for your 420 evaluations San Jose beforehand to access these products without any legal implications.

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Whether you love THC or are a fan of CBD, tinctures are available in different forms and strengths as per your respective needs. You must have an idea that this stuff kicks in very fast and that you must always start low to get acquainted with the product. It comes with a range of flavors, and the fact that you can take it discreetly makes it a much more desirable product.



If you are feeling low or pain or aches are taking a toll on your life. Plus, you are concerned about getting high. Then, betting on topicals will work in your favor all the time. If you are living in a legal state, then you can use lotions and creams infused with medical marijuana (or its primary cannabinoids THC and CBD). CBD creams are also doing wonders by providing the best relief in your inflamed joints. You can go for either full-spectrum or isolates, depending on the type of effect you are hoping for.

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Transdermal Patches

This is a type of product that starts slow but has an extended time frame when it comes to relieving pains for a more extended period. You can get isolated cannabinoids or the combination to deliver the therapeutic effects significantly. And that too directly into your bloodstream. Hence, the highest efficacy ensured all the time. Plus, they also come with the advantage of easy use without any hassles.


The idea of using cannabis into your buttocks might seem weird. But, for some, it has worked wonders, for instance, in medical conditions such as liver cancer, hemorrhoids, seizure disorders, and fibromyalgia. The concentrated medication has a lot of medicinal benefits that you can never deny.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not the article about short term effects of vaping is true is still hanging in the middle. But, the fact that one cannot limit medical marijuana consumption to vaping. There are many other options available and are coming in the market, which poses no such health risks. Asking San Jose 420 doctor will help you find the best ways to heal your ailment without any additional adverse effects.

Take Online 420 Evaluations and Beat Cancer with These 5 Amazing Strains

Cancer is the most deadly disease. It will take you by surprise and make your life a living hell. Though it doesn’t mean that you decide to quit. There are thousands of cancer patients out there who live their lives to the fullest. They try to beat the hell out of cancer by fighting it bravely. So how are fighting the symptoms of cancer? With the help of online 420 evaluations or regular chemotherapies? 

There are several ways to fight cancer. A stage one cancer patient will probably live but for those in their last stages, even one option can become a ray of hope. The role of medical marijuana plays a major role here. In recent years many studies have shown that medical cannbais has the potential to treat cancer. This is why we have made a list of strains that can help you survive cancer. 

5 amazing strains

Charlotte’s Web

This is one of the most famous strain and it comes with the potential to treat epileptic seizures. It has been named after a girl who treated her seizures with the help of medical marijuana. Charlotte’s Web is CBD high and THC low strain, and it has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. 

CBD is very high in this strain making it possible to treat pain, stress, and anxiety as a result of cancer. 

Tom Ford Pink Kush

Tom Ford is one strain that can treat the symptoms of cancer. The treatment of cancer requires a lot of chemotherapy. As a result, you will feel nauseous most of the time. To prevent the feeling of dizziness and to rid other symptoms – CBD high strain can come handy. It is also a hybrid and has low THC content. But before treating your cancer with any of the mentioned strain make sure you take an online 420 evaluations. 


As a result of various chemotherapies, you will feel low and tired all the time. Chocolope can play a major role in increasing the energy level. It is a child of two parents namely Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. Being a hybrid and THC high strain it will instantly help you gain the lost energy. Once you have the energy back you can carry forward with the activities you always wanted to do in life. So, uplift your spirits and make the most of this strain. 

Northern Light

One major symptom of cancer is nausea. Northern Light is a THC rich strain and it has the ability to the tone down the nauseating feeling. Cancer patients are constantly bothered by nauseating feeling they have due to radio and chemotherapy. Northern light comes from Sativa origin and has the ability to affect our ECS system. In Turn, the ECS system will control an array of functions and make you feel better instantly. 

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Granddaddy Purple

If you have trouble sleeping or you are worried about the fact that cancer can severely affect your life. Try Granddaddy Purple. It is a hybrid of Purple Urkle and Big bud with indica dominant traits. Once you consume this strain you feel a sense of relaxation. It will not only help you stay calm but also sleep better. In addition to this, the strain will also improve your appetite. However, take a doctor’s consultation first and then see if it best suits your condition. 

All these strains can help you cover the rough patches in your life. But most importantly you have to stay strong. You also need to have the will power to fight all the diseases. Be it with the help of a medical marijuana card in San Jose or several therapies. And as far as cancer patients are concerned, I hope these strains will prove beneficial for you.