Is Microdosing Marijuana a Viable Option? MMJ Doctor Discusses The Benefits

Cannabis, weed, pot, or whatever name you have for this plant, it’s pretty clear it is one of the biggest blockbusters of this era. Everyone talks about it writes about it and wants to be associated with it. That’s how it has emerged as a significant game-changer in the healthcare industry. Whatever be the reason, mmj doctor insists on developing some hacks to clear out the negative benefits of the product. 

If you are a cannabis user, you would already be aware of its chemical constitution. And that THC and CBD are the most studied cannabinoids of this miracle plant. THC, on the one hand, is mostly associated with the high or the “euphoria.” On the other hand, CBD is supposedly the “good” kid around the block. Together, both provide us an array of medicinal benefits such as glaucoma, muscle spasticity, psychological conditions, and a lot more. So, those who are looking for the medical benefit must understand that microdosing can be a life savior for you. 

Why is Microdosing a Better Approach to Consuming Cannabis?

Microdosing is nothing but going for smaller portions of cannabis at one single time. So, what does this mean for you? Microdosing is presumably one of the best methods to reap the benefits of marijuana. It will help you to increase your tolerance, test your strain, and avoid any harmful effects of that strain. MMJ doctor asks new patients to start their cannabis journey with this technique. 

smaller portions of cannabis

The reason for its extreme popularity is because THC has specific psychotic effects that enhance the levels of dopamine. All of that could influence your decision-making abilities. For patients who wish to experience the benefits of THC without affecting their mind, can go for microdosing cannabis. It will never cause any adverse effects while you can enjoy the potency for symptomatic relief of your condition. It will help you build the right kind of momentum for exploring the best of cannabis. 

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What Are The Forms of Mircrodosing Marijuana?

Microdosing is a way to manage your dosage. So, don’t go for smoking if you are looking to start your microdosing journey. In this way, you can safely administer both the cannabinoids easily. For instance, you can choose CBD oil. It is one of the most popular ways to control the intake of your medication. Other forms include tinctures, edibles, or vape pens. 
Nowadays, cannabis products are coming in the market in 5 mg or 10 mg batches that are easy to measure. Medical marijuana doctors say that you can even look for DIYs for making edibles or tinctures at your place. It’s just that the pre-made products reduce human errors. The dose will be pretty much accurate in every batch. 
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How Does Microdosing Work?

As per an article published in Forbes, when you begin your micro-dosing journey, you must start with a 2mg dose. Stay there for atleast a couple of days. It will help you to understand the effects. If you need more, adding another milligram will help. Repeat this entire process and increase your dosage if necessary. 

You can go for two or three microdoses in a day. Spreading the doses will work the best for managing your condition. This way, you can consume cannabis in a way that does not hit the threshold value of getting high. In this way, you can consume THC rich strains as well. No euphoria, just the benefits. 

The golden rule is to increase the dose up to 5 mg and experience the best effects at a time. Research shows that patients who start microdosing cannabis have enhanced resistance to stress and feel a lot happier generally. They claim to have better professional lives. This technique improves the role of marijuana as a medical aid by providing effects such as pain relief, mental health benefits, or something that you are unable to control with conventional medications. 


It is essential to understand that the role of microdosing is not to get high. Instead, it is to extrapolate the benefits of cannabis in smaller doses to avoid any adverse effects of the strains with higher THC levels. MMJ doctor insists their patients to start using this technique and worry less about any potential health hazards. 

MMJ Evaluations For Anorexia- Would it be Helpful?

Anorexia nervosa is a condition where a person obsesses about everything concerning their weight. It is one of the most common types of eating disorders that can contribute to different comorbid dysfunctions. Unfortunately, anorexic patients are vulnerable to taking their lives. Statistics suggest that such health conditions contribute to one death every 62 minutes, precisely why patients are looking for a way out using mmj evaluations

Surprisingly, this condition is somehow associated with women more than men. But, the primary concern regarding eating disorders is not the fluctuating weight. It is more psychological. Anorexic patients tend to develop a range of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, or other related diseases. Hence, causing a worse scenario eventually. Research indicates that cannabis might be the right choice for helping anorexic symptoms. Let’s study some of the research articles to have a complete picture of marijuana as a medical aid for anorexia nervosa. 

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How Can MMJ Evaluations be Helpful For Anorexia?

Medical Cannabis- The Research Review 

There are many anecdotal and preclinical research data available, suggesting that patients should choose medical marijuana evaluation for defying the effects of anorexia. Back in 2003, an open study looked into the safety and efficacy of a synthetic cannabis derivative, Dronabinol. They looked into 48 patients and fund that every patient gained weight after using cannabis. And more than 60% of the respondents reported a reduction of anxiety episodes.

Another study in the year 2007 worked on finding if you can use the same cannabis derivative as an appetite stimulant. More than half of the subjects reported a significant weight gain during the study period. And that they did not face any mental health issues as well. 

One more study worked on studying Hepatitis C patients with issues of anorexia. They found that the applicants improved weight after using the cannabis derivative. Other than that, a 2017 study found that THC played a role in improving anorexia symptoms. The majority of the improvements were psychological. An online forum on Reddit had some interesting conversations regarding the positive effects of cannabis as an appetite stimulant while decreasing any obsessions over food. However, some of the studies focus on the uncertainties of marijuana as a medication option.

The Role of EC System in Managing Eating Disorder 

There is not much research available regarding the role of the endocannabinoid system in regulating the brain functions for people with anorexia. However, studies do indicate that marijuana could help manage psychological issues related to anorexia. 

Research suggests that the endocannabinoid system is overactive in women with anorexic issues. Other than that, one of the regions of the brain regulating taste, rewards, or emotions seems abnormal. And medical marijuana appears to be a viable option for such patients to manage their issues effectively. 

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Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis For Managing Anorexia 

Medical cannabis is a treat for anorexia patients. It helps increase appetite and make your eating experience more relishing. Also, it will help to stabilize mental health. And it will aid in managing traumas. Hence, it will trigger nutrients to work more efficiently. In short, if you go for mmj evaluations for obtaining a medical card, it will help gain significant weight along with regulating psychological conditions. 

Key Takeaways 

Of course, the health benefits of marijuana are still controversial. Some will say go for it, and others will despise the concept altogether. But, certain things work for you. And medical marijuana could be that product. Therefore, it is essential to talk to a professional before deciding if you should go for mmj evaluations or stick to conventional drug therapies.