Are You Using CBD to Tame a THC High? You may Have an Opposite Effect

Getting a medical marijuana evaluation is easy and so is purchasing high-quality strains from local dispensaries. You can easily walk up to a store or a cannabis dispensary and purchase both THC and CBD rich strains. And the good news is that cannabis use has risen in the past few years. All thanks to the growing popularity of CBD. You can find plenty of CBD products out there. While some use CBD for medical purposes, others think that CBD can balance the intoxication caused by THC. In fact, you might have heard your friends saying that CBD can balance the THC high. In other words, you will feel less high if you consume THC. 

This normally used piece of advice can have a huge impact on THC lovers. Not only this, but this might work in your favor. As a result, you may start using CBD every time your high goes out of hand. However, research says that CBD and THC combined can produce an intense high. The effects of THC and CBD are such that it is not always possible for CBD to dampen an uncontrolled high. At times, CBD in tandem will make the high even stronger causing severe side effects. The study was published in 2019 and it studies the paradoxical effects of CBD along with factors that most people miss. 

Overlooked Factor: The Dosing Guide

The above-mentioned study exclaimed that certain doses of CBD can alter the effects caused by the human mind. For instance, in this study, the participants reported that a high dose of 400mg CBD successfully curbed the effects of 8mg THC. Whereas, stronger doses of THC, when combined with low doses of 4mg of doses of CBD, caused the opposite effect. In simple words, high THC dosed in combination with low doses of CBD caused the high to become even more powerful. 

Most often, people tend to forget the dosing guide while consuming CBD. The simple reason for this is CBDs intoxicating effects. Because people have learned that CBD has no intoxicating effects on the mind, they will miss out on vital details such as the dosing guide. You see, there is a huge difference between 25mg and a 300mg dose of CBD. So, you should worry about the potency of a CBD product before taking it to curb your high.                                                                                           

More vitally, these ratios or numbers matter because cannabis is no longer a part of outdated stigmas. CBD has successfully entered the food, skincare, and medicine industry. So, the CBDs dosing guide is an important detail you cannot miss out on. In fact, these details are equally vital for medical marijuana users and those who use cannabis to balance a THC high. 

Are You Looking to Balance a Marijuana High? 

Now that you know that a small amount of CBD can cause an increased high. Here are some other things you should take note of. For example, while taming a THC high you should aim for a high CBD dose in the form of packed oils and concentrates. As mentioned earlier a small dose might not work in your favor. Although, scientists believe that there’s not much research on the subject of cannabis dose. Even scientists don’t know what is a safe CBD dose for various medical conditions. Be it pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. In addition to this, most cannabis experts are of the view that CBD dose varies from person to person. Several factors such as body weight, mass, product quality, contribute towards the effects of a dose. As is the case with many other medications and their dose. 

Ideally, the main practice involves starting with a minimal dose to figure out the body’s response. If a small dose does not work, the dose is increased and there may be a point where you can see the effects of cannabis in general. In contrast, when people try to counter the effects of one cannabinoid using another cannabinoid, the effects can vary largely. So, it would be best to get a medical marijuana evaluation and then talk to the doctor about cannabis use. This will help you understand how THC and CBD work with our bodies. That said, let us delve a little deeper and look at some other factors. 

Is There a Perfect CBD Dose to Curb the Effects of THC?

So far we have learned that a high dose of CBD can curb the intoxicating effects of THC. However, the problem is that this study does not shed light on how accurate the method is. For instance, factors like the type of product and method of consumption are still unclear. On top of that, we don’t know how much THC or CBD a particular dose contains. The product comes with the total ratio. An individual or patient has to calculate the dose per serving. And the same can vary depending on how many portions you consume. 

What’s more, we still don’t know whether maintaining a ratio will have the same effect on our body or not. In other words, do you need 700mg of CBD to curb the effects of 20mg THC? The variables such as tolerance leave room for more doubt. Plus, questions like an effective dosing guide hangs by a cliff. Until we have concrete evidence and trial methods providing us with a perfect THC: CBD ratio, we can only experiment and see how CBD works in case of a THC high. 

Learn From the Experience of Cannabis Users

Luckily cannabis is used widely by a large no. of people. I am sure if a friend suggested to you that CBD can help curb the THC high. There must be a story behind it. So, don’t just listen to advice. Start digging deeper and ask them a lot of questions. For instance, how much CBD did they consume and what was the method of consumption. This way you can dial in the same dose and figure out if it worked out for you. But let’s be real, you are most likely to feel different because the dose might not work for you. 

In this case, you can try and adjust the dose according to what you experienced. For the same, find a high THC strain and then add a high amount of CBD to it. Next, see how different ratios work in your favor. While this experiment can be quite tricky, you have to tap into your inner chemical mixes. You can also get creative with the flavors and find your CBD alchemy as you experience different ratios. But make sure that you increase the dose slowly and steadily. Do not intoxicate your body to an extreme level. It may cause you to experience severe side effects. 

Here’s What You Can Do for a Balanced High

If you are experimenting on different doses, try larger doses of CBD. For the same, you have to ensure that the product you bought has the same amount as mentioned on the label. You see, at times product ratio is different from what the label reads. To be extra sure, get a lab test of the product and then resume with the experiment. Also, remember that this study concentrated on high CBD doses for a normal baseline of THC. To get a gate pass for an extreme and medium-high start with low THC dose. 

Are You Allergic To Marijuana? Here’s How You Can Find Out

Marijuana is no longer beyond reach. In fact, you can even get a medical marijuana evaluation online. So access is not a problem in the case of marijuana. And with legalization (only under state law), a lot of people have started using it for one purpose or another. But, while most people find puffing a joint, therapeutic, others may actually have an allergic reaction. Yes, you can be allergic to marijuana.

There are different symptoms and causes. Keep reading to find out if you are allergic to marijuana and if there are any alternatives.


Before concluding that you are allergic to ‘marijuana’, it is important that you are aware of its general effects on the body. While a euphoric feeling is normal, watery eyes can be a sign of an allergic reaction. Also, overdosing on marijuana can lead to nausea or vomit. So, be sure that you are on the right dose. 

However, if you experience certain symptoms appearing every time you consume marijuana, it’s possible that you are allergic. Here are some common symptoms.

Runny Nose

  • Conjunctivitis or red eyes
  • Sneezing 
  • Congestion
  • Sore throat
  • Runny Nose
  • Itchiness or burning sensation on eyes and nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Hives
  • Redness or inflammation on the skin
  • Flaky or dry skin
  • Itchiness  

While these symptoms are still on the mild side, some people might need immediate medical attention or it can turn fatal. There are cases of people showing symptoms like heavy breathing, unconsciousness, swollen tongue, and bluish skin. If you or anyone near you is experiencing these symptoms, take them to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. They are possibly suffering from an anaphylactic shock. If not checked immediately, the person can have heart failure, coma or even death. 

Identify the cause

If any of these symptoms show up after you consume marijuana, then it is important that you identify the cause. Because sometimes, it is not actually marijuana but other allergens that can be the cause of your symptoms. 


You marijuana can grow mold if not stored or cured in good conditions. In most cases, it is this mold that is the main culprit behind allergic reactions rather than the plant. 

Alternative: If you are allergic to the mold, consider buying your marijuana from a reputed place. Or avoid consuming it raw or smoking. Rather cook it into an edible or buy a processed product.


Your allergy could also be due to the pollen produced by the plant. Increased exposure to pollen can increase your sensitivity and make you susceptible to allergies.

Alternative: You can avoid contact with pollen by consuming marijuana in edible forms like concentrates and food recipes.


There are chances that if you have an allergy to a certain type of food or proteins, then you will be allergic to marijuana as well. Some examples of such foods are banana, tomatoes, almond, peach, and apples. 

This cross-reactivity happens because marijuana and the food that I just mentioned have similar proteins. So, antibodies activated by these food types also activate when you come in contact with marijuana. And you start having an allergic response.

Alternative: If your symptoms are severe, avoid marijuana altogether. Otherwise, try using a different type or method of consumption and see if it works.

Final thoughts

If you show any of these symptoms and have existing allergies. It is better to contact your doctor before continuing the use of marijuana. To avoid this all together it is always advised to get a medical marijuana evaluation from licensed doctors. As they can give you a better understanding of this miracle drug.

MMJ Evaluations For Anorexia- Would it be Helpful?

Anorexia nervosa is a condition where a person obsesses about everything concerning their weight. It is one of the most common types of eating disorders that can contribute to different comorbid dysfunctions. Unfortunately, anorexic patients are vulnerable to taking their lives. Statistics suggest that such health conditions contribute to one death every 62 minutes, precisely why patients are looking for a way out using mmj evaluations

Surprisingly, this condition is somehow associated with women more than men. But, the primary concern regarding eating disorders is not the fluctuating weight. It is more psychological. Anorexic patients tend to develop a range of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, or other related diseases. Hence, causing a worse scenario eventually. Research indicates that cannabis might be the right choice for helping anorexic symptoms. Let’s study some of the research articles to have a complete picture of marijuana as a medical aid for anorexia nervosa. 

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How Can MMJ Evaluations be Helpful For Anorexia?

Medical Cannabis- The Research Review 

There are many anecdotal and preclinical research data available, suggesting that patients should choose medical marijuana evaluation for defying the effects of anorexia. Back in 2003, an open study looked into the safety and efficacy of a synthetic cannabis derivative, Dronabinol. They looked into 48 patients and fund that every patient gained weight after using cannabis. And more than 60% of the respondents reported a reduction of anxiety episodes.

Another study in the year 2007 worked on finding if you can use the same cannabis derivative as an appetite stimulant. More than half of the subjects reported a significant weight gain during the study period. And that they did not face any mental health issues as well. 

One more study worked on studying Hepatitis C patients with issues of anorexia. They found that the applicants improved weight after using the cannabis derivative. Other than that, a 2017 study found that THC played a role in improving anorexia symptoms. The majority of the improvements were psychological. An online forum on Reddit had some interesting conversations regarding the positive effects of cannabis as an appetite stimulant while decreasing any obsessions over food. However, some of the studies focus on the uncertainties of marijuana as a medication option.

The Role of EC System in Managing Eating Disorder 

There is not much research available regarding the role of the endocannabinoid system in regulating the brain functions for people with anorexia. However, studies do indicate that marijuana could help manage psychological issues related to anorexia. 

Research suggests that the endocannabinoid system is overactive in women with anorexic issues. Other than that, one of the regions of the brain regulating taste, rewards, or emotions seems abnormal. And medical marijuana appears to be a viable option for such patients to manage their issues effectively. 

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Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis For Managing Anorexia 

Medical cannabis is a treat for anorexia patients. It helps increase appetite and make your eating experience more relishing. Also, it will help to stabilize mental health. And it will aid in managing traumas. Hence, it will trigger nutrients to work more efficiently. In short, if you go for mmj evaluations for obtaining a medical card, it will help gain significant weight along with regulating psychological conditions. 

Key Takeaways 

Of course, the health benefits of marijuana are still controversial. Some will say go for it, and others will despise the concept altogether. But, certain things work for you. And medical marijuana could be that product. Therefore, it is essential to talk to a professional before deciding if you should go for mmj evaluations or stick to conventional drug therapies.