Why Should You Choose Marijuana For Anxiety And Depression?

Millions of the population are under lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic. And things are pretty much the same for Californians as well. It’s a familiar story for everyone out there, and it goes something like this. People are worried about their family, especially if there are aging parents around. Some are worried about work while others are screaming about daily household chores and the fact they are unable to go somewhere to release their frustration or stress. The outbreak is quite overwhelming and is causing a constant overflow of emotions. So, even a medical marijuana doctor is asking everyone to cope with stress and depression to make your community stronger. And nothing can be better than using marijuana for anxiety and depression. 


I know the feeling. I have been there myself. 

Everyone reacts differently when subjected to a stressful situation. How you respond to this current situation will depend on a lot of factors. However, as per the data shared by many experts, the chances are that older people and people suffering from chronic conditions are at higher risk of developing stressful situations. And the issue is not limited to worrying or fearing for your health. It might also include changes in sleep or eating patterns, or it might result in difficulty sleeping or focusing on important matters. If you feel a sudden rush of emotions off lately, admit it. Don’t try to deny it. That’s how you will start responding to the treatments available out there. Once you start looking for treatment options, you start thinking of all the options that you can opt for. For instance, “Should I go for conventional mental health therapies?” or “Should I opt for medical marijuana for anxiety and depression?” While traditional medications might be helpful, cannabis might turn out to be a game-changer for you. Keep reading, and you’ll know for sure

Medical Marijuana For Anxiety And Depression- A Study

A Washington Study worked on finding the relevance concerning the role of cannabis for anxiety and depression. The study suggested that inhaling cannabis could effectively reduce short-term levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. The new attempt is an attempt to access the varying concentrations of two primary cannabinoids and their effect on medical cannabis users. The previous studies used THC in the form of a capsule. This is one of a kind study where the scientists will look for the impact of cannabis when inhaled. 


About The Study

As per the scientists, the fact that the patients involved in this study can use it from the comfort of their home without any laboratory setting makes it a unique concept. And according to data received, they found that one puff of cannabis rich in CBD and low in THC is optimal for alleviating symptoms of depression. They also found that two puffs of any cannabis strain helped reduce anxiety. Also, ten or more puffs of cannabis high in THC and CBD were effective in handling stressful situations. 

The results were quite remarkable, showing that patients inhaling cannabis had an approximately 89 percent reduction in the symptoms of depression. Again, the anxiety and stress symptoms saw a decline in more than 93 percent of sessions. The study also found that the impact of cannabis was perceived better in women as that of men. 

Does THC or CBD Varying Ratios Make Any Difference?

The study also compared different strains of cannabis with varying levels of THC and CBD to spot any difference. They found that THC and CBD interact significantly to reduce stress levels. Also, if one uses relatively lower concentrations of THC and higher levels of CBD, one could decrease the levels of depression. However, the ratings changed dramatically while looking at test subjects with stress issues. In that case, one had to use higher THC and lower CBD levels. So, as per this study, medical marijuana for anxiety and depression would be a great idea. Even a medical marijuana doctor asks their patients to opt for medical marijuana for relieving any such symptoms during this pandemic outbreak. 

But wait, there’s more…

We did talk about a study that confirmed the use of cannabis for anxiety and depression. However, many individuals want to know about its significance in these symptoms separately to understand if it’s a feasible option for the treatment of individual symptoms. 

So, let’s find out, “Does marijuana help with anxiety and depression?” 

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Marijuana For Anxiety 

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, anxiety disorders are also seeing a surge in its levels. So, even medical marijuana doctors are suggesting their patients use cannabis for alleviating anxiety or stress disorders. However, the first step to the management of mental health conditions is “to talk about it.” And if you are feeling the heat, going for anxiety medications might pose another round of threat. It’s because such medications have reported cases of overdose deaths. Fortunately, cannabis seems to be a solution to such a crisis. Also, because “medical cannabis” has been deemed as an essential service in the state. Also, as per a study, cannabis is one of the safest products out there. So, you must never worry about safety protocols when ordering your medicine. 

Experts found that CBD-rich or dominant products work best for anxiety patients. The experts found that marijuana acts on the endocannabinoid system that triggered the serotonin production. And I am sure by now you will have an idea that this particular neurochemical is associated with managing happiness, calmness, and relaxation. 

What Does Research Say?

A lot of preclinical or anecdotal data confirms that CBD is beneficial in reducing panic attacks or anxiety symptoms. So, even a medical marijuana doctor shares the same concept. In a research study with 37 test subjects suffering from social anxiety, found that more than nine patients had significant changes in the levels of anxiety. Another study shared the fact that more than 70 percent of the patients were reported to have improved symptoms. So, if you are feeling restless or panicky, grab your favorite cannabis strain and tone down the anxiety levels. 

Marijuana For Depression


In the case of depression, often treatments offered are not straightforward. In this case, a healthy lifestyle is essential. And guess what, that will help you to strengthen your immune system in times of the global COVID-19 crisis as well. You can opt for traditional psychotherapy to express your emotions while building skills to cope with the ongoing adversity. However, antidepressants alone can’t help with the issues. 

Have you wondered how medical marijuana for depression can be a fruitful alternative? Let’s find out.

Medical marijuana is a faster alternative to depressants that will stimulate the ECS and speeds up the growth and development of the nervous tissue. This option naturally allows you to enhance mood and unwind your worries. It will provide the right energy and focus on relieving anxiety and inducing hunger while combating sleep disorders. Studies confirm that cannabis consumers have lower levels of depressive symptoms. Also, they found that lower doses of THC and higher doses of CBD will help to manage such symptoms easily. Another research scientist concluded that using marijuana for depression will help to restore the natural ECS function. And that will help to stabilize your mood and relieve depression symptoms. 

How to Get Medical Marijuana For Anxiety And Depression?

Since the state is under lockdown, so going to see a doctor would be something that no medical marijuana doctor would advise you. However, if you have an ongoing condition and things don’t seem to go in your way, talking to a 420 doctor online would help. This will help you to avoid contracting the virus while keeping others safe. The process is straightforward. 

  • Find a reliable online cannabis portal
  • Sign up and fill out the prequalification form.
  • Talk to a doctor via video call
  • If approved, get your medical marijuana card within 10 minutes.

Final Thoughts

COVID- 19 outbreak is making the entire world go crazy. And social distancing and lockdown are making things worse for the ones who are at higher risk for developing any mental health condition. So, using medical marijuana for anxiety and depression can help such individuals to take off some load from their minds. So, talking to a medical marijuana doctor online will help to relieve your stressors while maintaining the social distance. The doctor will help you with queries like “what strains of marijuana are good for anxiety and depression” and “ how to use marijuana for your condition?” Just be transparent and information about your current medications, if any.

Is Back Pain Troubling You? Medical Marijuana Could be Your Savior

Back pain is a very common medical condition that is creating troubles in the life of millions of people worldwide. As per the American Chiropractic Association, more than 80% of individuals are thought to experience back pain at some point in their lives. That is something very alarming and needs immediate medical attention. A medical marijuana card could be exactly what you might need with limited treatment options available. 

As per our understanding, medical marijuana doctors can easily recommend cannabis for conditions with chronic back pain or neck pain symptoms. But, the question that one needs to search is:


  • How is medical marijuana helpful in pain management?
  • Is it better than opioid therapy?
  • Should you go for THC or CBD as a pain management agent? 

Medical Marijuana For Pain Management And Treatment

Research confirms that medical marijuana could be a potential treatment therapy for individuals with mild to chronic back pain issues. Experts assume that full-spectrum products are what you need to obtain comprehensive pain relief. Muscle spasm, pain, or inflammation concludes most of the chronic back pain symptoms. And medical marijuana has an incredible anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic action. 

So, if you wish to take care of all your symptoms, here is the list of cannabinoids that you should refer to. For instance, CBD, CBCA, CBDA, or CBGA could be the best possible solution for reducing inflammation. Similarly, THC and CBD could help suppress muscle spasms. Other than that, if you go for CBD, CBGA, or THC, you can easily avoid painful situations. And the best part is that it does not affect your brain stem. So, no issues of addiction or any other adverse effects. That’s why having a medical marijuana card will help you access thousands of products without any hassles. 

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Medical Marijuana for Pain Management


Medical Marijuana And Endocannabinoid System 

Patients use the medications for suppressing the Central Nervous System. However, if you go for medical marijuana, the cannabinoids will naturally absorb through the body’s endocannabinoid system. The EC receptors mediate through different modes and manage receptors and signals, causing pain. Medical marijuana could help people with post-surgical recovery as well. And all of that without any dependency or addiction issues. 

Why is Medical Marijuana Better Than Most Pharmaceutical Drugs?

Using pharmaceutical drugs such as anti-inflammation drugs could be bad for your health as it might cause some severe pains. Be it ulcers, headaches, and sometimes it could even trigger swelling in the arms or legs. Other than that, if you go for muscle relaxants could result in blurred vision, drowsiness, or even appetite loss. And lastly, almost every medication could cause some lifetime dependency. On the other hand, medical marijuana, when taken in nominal amounts within your threshold range, will only induce health benefits. That’s how having a medical marijuana card could turn out to be beneficial for you. 

What Are The Best Medical Marijuana Products For Reducing Chronic Pain? 

To effectively reduce painful symptoms, you can either choose cannabis vaping or edibles. All of which will depend on the necessity of that moment. If you want instant pain relief, vaping, smoking, sublingual will work. However, if you are looking for entended pain relief, sublingual or transdermal patches will work wonders. Patients with a medical marijuana card can use the following varieties of cannabis strains as their pain management therapy. 

OG Kush 

A THC dominant strain with more than 20% of THC, it is an effective pain reliever. And it will help you with the mental health issues concerning back pain issues. In short, you will feel calm and relaxed for the maximum period. It would act as a healer without the usual dependency issues. However, make sure you start low and gradually increase your dosage.

CBD Shark 

It is one of the cannabis strains with equal amounts of THC and CBD. So, one can expect pain-relieving effects without any intoxication effects at all. 

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CBD Oil 

Full-spectrum CBD products will do the magic work for your back issues. It could be an incredible daytime option with stress-relieving properties. So, you can easily focus on your tasks without any unnecessary distractions. 

Final Thoughts 

A CDC survey found that taking prescription drugs for a single increases your chances of addiction by 6%. With a medical marijuana card, you can easily access medical marijuana without any issues of addiction or severe health impacts. It’s high time you switch to some natural options rather than limiting yourself to some deadly opioids. If you are skeptical about THC, you can turn to CBD for relieving your back pain

Is Microdosing Marijuana a Viable Option? MMJ Doctor Discusses The Benefits

Cannabis, weed, pot, or whatever name you have for this plant, it’s pretty clear it is one of the biggest blockbusters of this era. Everyone talks about it writes about it and wants to be associated with it. That’s how it has emerged as a significant game-changer in the healthcare industry. Whatever be the reason, mmj doctor insists on developing some hacks to clear out the negative benefits of the product. 

If you are a cannabis user, you would already be aware of its chemical constitution. And that THC and CBD are the most studied cannabinoids of this miracle plant. THC, on the one hand, is mostly associated with the high or the “euphoria.” On the other hand, CBD is supposedly the “good” kid around the block. Together, both provide us an array of medicinal benefits such as glaucoma, muscle spasticity, psychological conditions, and a lot more. So, those who are looking for the medical benefit must understand that microdosing can be a life savior for you. 

Why is Microdosing a Better Approach to Consuming Cannabis?

Microdosing is nothing but going for smaller portions of cannabis at one single time. So, what does this mean for you? Microdosing is presumably one of the best methods to reap the benefits of marijuana. It will help you to increase your tolerance, test your strain, and avoid any harmful effects of that strain. MMJ doctor asks new patients to start their cannabis journey with this technique. 

smaller portions of cannabis

The reason for its extreme popularity is because THC has specific psychotic effects that enhance the levels of dopamine. All of that could influence your decision-making abilities. For patients who wish to experience the benefits of THC without affecting their mind, can go for microdosing cannabis. It will never cause any adverse effects while you can enjoy the potency for symptomatic relief of your condition. It will help you build the right kind of momentum for exploring the best of cannabis. 

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What Are The Forms of Mircrodosing Marijuana?

Microdosing is a way to manage your dosage. So, don’t go for smoking if you are looking to start your microdosing journey. In this way, you can safely administer both the cannabinoids easily. For instance, you can choose CBD oil. It is one of the most popular ways to control the intake of your medication. Other forms include tinctures, edibles, or vape pens. 
Nowadays, cannabis products are coming in the market in 5 mg or 10 mg batches that are easy to measure. Medical marijuana doctors say that you can even look for DIYs for making edibles or tinctures at your place. It’s just that the pre-made products reduce human errors. The dose will be pretty much accurate in every batch. 
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How Does Microdosing Work?

As per an article published in Forbes, when you begin your micro-dosing journey, you must start with a 2mg dose. Stay there for atleast a couple of days. It will help you to understand the effects. If you need more, adding another milligram will help. Repeat this entire process and increase your dosage if necessary. 

You can go for two or three microdoses in a day. Spreading the doses will work the best for managing your condition. This way, you can consume cannabis in a way that does not hit the threshold value of getting high. In this way, you can consume THC rich strains as well. No euphoria, just the benefits. 

The golden rule is to increase the dose up to 5 mg and experience the best effects at a time. Research shows that patients who start microdosing cannabis have enhanced resistance to stress and feel a lot happier generally. They claim to have better professional lives. This technique improves the role of marijuana as a medical aid by providing effects such as pain relief, mental health benefits, or something that you are unable to control with conventional medications. 


It is essential to understand that the role of microdosing is not to get high. Instead, it is to extrapolate the benefits of cannabis in smaller doses to avoid any adverse effects of the strains with higher THC levels. MMJ doctor insists their patients to start using this technique and worry less about any potential health hazards. 

Medical Marijuana Doctors In San Jose Advocate The Harvard Study Which Shows Cannabis Increases Sperm Count.

If you’re a cannabis smoker, you’ve probably come across the notion that it’s bad for your reproductive health. Now, if you’re a male that means it harms your sperms. Well, mounting evidence from a Harvard Study shows that it’s not the case. Medical marijuana doctors in San Jose advocate the same.

By now, you might have guessed what I’m trying to say. Cannabis can actually increase your sperm count. Yes, you heard that right!

Cannabis Smokers Have A Higher Sperm Count

There was a long standing notion that cannabis can significantly lower sperm count and hamper your fertility. Well, that’s a distorted picture of the reality. The latest article from the Oxford Academic presents a clearer view.

The study mentions that cannabis consumption can not only increase the sperm count but also the sperm volume.

This presents a strong challenge to plethora of studies in the past that have had contrary views on the same. Numerous websites, newspapers, and bloggers have mentioned about the potential risk of cannabis. Well, they were not entirely wrong but they were backed by studies which presented a complex picture of the effect of cannabis.

There has been limited information on the mechanism of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The benefits of cannabis arise from the efficient functioning of the ECS. The present scenario equips us with better information. The same holds for the latest Harvard study too.

medical marijuana doctors

The Harvard Study Links Marijuana And Fertility

Harvard conducted an extensive 18 year study from 2000 to 2017. It evaluated 662 sub-fertile males from the Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center who produced over 1143 sperm samples.

It was noted that 365 participants had smoked cannabis at some point. The research data showed that these 365 people had significantly higher sperm count than non-smokers. Precisely speaking, the volume stood at 62.7 million/mL for marijuana smokers and 45.4 million/mL for non-marijuana smokers.

Additionally, cannabis also had a positive impact on the total sperm count. This essentially establishes the idea that medical marijuana consumption increases the production of semen.

If you’re confused about its effects, the medical marijuana doctors in San Jose can equip you with the necessary information which can help you in gaining a better understanding of the cannabis mechanism.

More Studies Are Expected In The Future

While the current research data is definitely informative but the Harvard scientists recommend a more detailed piece to further cement the link between cannabis and male fertility.

Researchers are also stressing on the possibility that medical marijuana might be a testosterone stimulant which contributes to a higher sperm count.

Earlier studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system has an effect on various systems in the body. So, it’s logical to say that it impacts the reproductive system too. Also, more information will enable us to have a better understanding of the whole mechanism and use cannabis more effectively for your health.

Approximately, 16.5% of US residents have reported to indulge in marijuana use and the legalization drive is expected to spread further across the nation. So, that stands as a responsibility to project accurate information to the public.

Medical marijuana doctors in San Jose provide the ideal landing pad of your queries. If you’re a couple who is planning to have a baby, the potential effects of cannabis should be well-known. The doctors can effectively screen you to check how your body will react to cannabis in that vital phase of your life.

This fresh study has definitely changed the existing assumptions about cannabis. The long standing notions have been put to rest. As a man, sperm is the most vital hormone which works as a tag of your existence. Medical marijuana has emerged has as ideal partner for your reproduction. While medical marijuana doctors in San Jose support the facts, further research is expected to throw more light on the same.