The Legal Face of Medical Marijuana: How is Legalization Decreasing the Rate of Opioid Deaths

So far U.S. authorities have been amending the loopholes in marijuana laws. Every time you pick your phone, a notification pops up on the screen. You open that notification and begin to read. You analyze the news and weigh the pros and cons. Now, as a canna-lover, it is your responsibility to know what is happening in the world of cannabis at the federal level. If you are not aware of the laws you might get in trouble. 

Having said that, let’s take a look at the legal aspect of medical marijuana and how it has helped decrease the rate of opioid deaths in the USA. Especially this year, wherein a study found that marijuana has impacted the rate of mortality. 

Study Says Cannabis Legalization Helps Decrease the Rate of Opioid Use

The rate of deaths due to opioids intake has been increasing for the past few years. It is duly noted through this study that in the year 2016 and 2017 many people overdosed on opioids and then died a fatal death. But after the legalization of cannabis, the rate in opioid intake dropped constantly. Aslo, through this study we get to know that there were 47,600 deaths in the year 2017. Since then, the rate has decreased by 21%. In other words, compared to the previous years, 10,000 fewer people died.

It has become extremely vital to recognize the need for medical marijuana in all the states of America. Though it wouldn’t be wrong to say that people who smoke tobacco always switch to cannabis. If you ask me why? I will simply state the facts that were once published in a study. It stated that components (THC, CBD) of medical marijuana reacts with our receptors. Some cause a mild high while the others cause euphoria. Eventually, curbing the need of an individual to smoke. 

Opioid as Drug and Marijuana as a Plant

 Opioid as drug and marijuana as a plant

It is important to understand that marijuana is not a drug, it is a plant. A plant that has several chemical components. As far as opioids are concerned they are pure drugs. Especially synthetic opioids which cause the body to treat several conditions in a short period. But as time passes we forget to realize the addictive impacts of opioids. 

It should also be noted that over 90 people die every day due to opioid overdose. But with the legalization of medical marijuana, the scene has shifted. Now, people are getting a medical marijuana card to avail of the benefits of cannabis. There are some people who still discuss the benefits of marijuana, but some people fail to understand. On the other hand, there are regular studies published on the fact that medical marijuana can be the future of medicine. 

Can Medical Marijuana be a Replacement for Opioids?

There are three principal species of marijuana – indica, Sativa, and ruderalis. Each species have different concentrates on THC and CBD. Sativa contains more THC and indica is CBD rich. Depending on the intensity of CBD and THC components in the medicine its potential can be decided. As far as CBD rich strains are concerned, they have been proved beneficial in treating several conditions. Those conditions include epileptic seizures, cancer, pain, headaches, anxiety, depression, etc. However, the use of medical marijuana in place of opioids is still debatable.

Several studies are published every year. Some studies imply that the states who have legalized marijuana appear to use fewer opioids than the states who have not. This also shows a connection between both. People in these states are prescribing medical marijuana with the help of dispensaries. While people in the rest of the country are still dependant on pharmaceuticals and opioids for their treatment. You can get medical marijuana card online to avail the benefits of cannabis. 

Strain Guide 101: Trainwreck- Access With A Medical Marijuana Card

Medical marijuana is a plant which after a lot of struggle has started to become everyone’s favorite. And it has been a long journey. Long hard one. Even technology has come to aid the growth of the herb. With telemedicine, you can get a medical marijuana card online within minutes.

And that is great news for the medical industry. Technology is taking healthcare to another level. Now, you don’t have to leave your bed to consult a doctor. With a single click, you can get consultation via video call within minutes. And that is the same in the case of medical marijuana as well. The process of getting a medical marijuana card online has become really easy.

Medical marijuana is my favorite. And there are multiple reasons. One of them is you just get so many choices. When were you able to choose the flavor of your medicine?


Yes. I guessed it right.

There are thousands of strains you could choose from. And that is its beauty. With so many different flavors and aromas to choose from, this dilemma is something I look forward to. But then again what to choose. Here is one that could be the strain you need.



This is an all-out all-rounder. The strain packs a punch with its THC content. Consisting of about 18-26% THC, the strain will surely give the psychoactive effects to make you fall asleep with just a couple of hits. Its effects are on some other level. Don’t mistake for it to be dangerous, it is one of the most effective strains to manage mental conditions.

It constitutes about 65% sativa and the rest indica (35%). The hybrid is actually a cross between Thai sativa, Mexican sativa and Afghani indica. And get this, it is actually believed to be produced in the home state, California.

With a medical marijuana card online, you can buy the strain legally from any dispensary in the city. So, get one today.

Flavor & Aroma

Get ready to be surprised. Yes, the strain is unexpectedly pleasant. It has a very potent aroma with a scent of lime and similarly, the taste is also very satisfying. So, don’t worry about the flavor of the herb, this would definitely be the whirlwind you are looking for.


With a bundle of THC, expect to get hit by a good bunch. Two or three puffs will definitely be enough for providing the euphoria that will make this strain a definite favorite. Not a morning strain though. Use it after work and get a good night’s sleep.

With heavy cerebral effects, you will feel your body melting away. When looking for a strain that will help you relax and push the positivity inside you, trainwreck is tailor-made for you. Perfect! You’ve then found your match.

medical marijuana card online


Medical Benefits

Medical marijuana has been proven to be therapeutic to people. And this strain is no different. Be it mental condition or physical ailment, it helps in providing therapeutic benefits to people. Conditions like stress, PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, lack of appetite, etc.

So, choose telemedicine and get yourself a medical marijuana card online. There are a number of strains you could choose to manage your condition and trainwreck could just be the one for you. So get started.