Wake up MMJ Strains to Take Before Heading to Work

Who likes mornings? Hate it! I mortally hate them. And when it meets with my second worst enemy, ‘Monday’; That is wild. I just don’t fathom the concept of having mornings. Why can’t we just lay in the bed till afternoon? Who was this genius who type casted this getting up early in the morning thing? I really would love to have a word with him. 

Then there is this annoying roommate of mine who is obsessed with me going to the work on time. I hate people who are punctual. Why? Do you know you people are taking away little smiles from people who just want to lay in the bed for five extra minutes? Yes, you people need to sort out your priorities. Yes, I know this world is really cruel and I need to adapt to this monkey business. Really glad that you understand. I know you guys resonate with me. The rant was so needed.  

 So, if you are anything like me these strains might just help you get your day going. Here we go. 

Sour Diesel

It is the ultimate pick me up strain. Do you like having a bit of caffeine in the morning? Sour Diesel works better than coffee. This sativa dominant strain will revitalize you for the day. It was developed in the 90s but its genetical lineage is basically unknown. How are your olefins? Because this strain has one of the stinkiest and pungent aromas. 

As the name suggests, sour diesel shows notes of citrus fruits and lemon zest in the flavor. But you don’t smoke the herb because of its taste. It is the effects that make sour diesel popular among cannabis enthusiasts. You don’t want a couch-locking strain in the morning. Rather, a strain like Sour Diesel provides a mind-altering high and energizes you for the day. 

Are you suffering from a medical condition? Sour Diesel has proven to be effective in the treatment of various medical conditions including depression, anxiety, stress, and paranoia. It is also vital to know your limits and smoke a balanced amount of the strain. Over consumption of the strain may also be harmful. 

Green Crack

It is one of my personal favorites. Apparently, its name has been dubbed by the one and only Snoop Dogg himself. This 100% pure strain will get you hooked with its amazing high and energizing effects. You first need to get MMJ Doctor in san jose to access this strain. This is pure love. Believe me, once you try this, you will love getting up early. 

420 evaluations

Open its jar, and the strain will instantly hit you with its fruity and citrusy aroma. Pair this with the sweet flavor it possesses and you get a strain that you’ll fall instantly in love with. Snoop Dogg really hit a home run with this. Though he only named it but yeah whatever. Take a couple of whiffs in the morning and you’ll be set for the day. You’ll experience a boost in energy and creativity. 

Are you ready to get buzzed? Because Green Crack is. It makes an ideal wake up strain for people looking to find inspiration and energy before heading out to work. And when you talk about its medicinal properties, it helps treat various mental as well as physical conditions including, fatigue, stress, and depression.  

get a recommendation from an MMJ doctor in San Jose

So, are you all set to get a recommendation from an MMJ doctor in San Jose? Get a medical marijuana card and get access to quality strains to manage your condition effectively. Mornings will be something you will look forward to.

The Importance of CBD dose: Why Overdosing can be Fatal

It is important to know that CBD and THC dose requirements vary from individual to individual. Some will be recommended to take a higher dose while others will be asked to decrease the dose. Likewise, your body will react differently to each dose. Also, it is noteworthy that people with similar conditions happen to take different doses. So, what is the right amount of CBD you should take? The answer will vary from person to person, but through this write-up, we will try to streamline the process of medical marijuana dosage. Let’s read below and find out.

CBD and THC that Fits Everyone  

First of all, there is no such thing as a particular dose. San Jose 420 doctor will recommend you a dose depending on the effects it has on your body. So, if you are taking the right dose with the help of proper consultation there is a possibility that you will be able to recover faster than without proper guidance. In addition to this, it is easy to identify the high of THC strains. But the same is not the case with CBD. Because CBD is non-psychoactive and people generally do not pay attention to the dose they are consuming. As a result, most of them complain that they are having a bad experience consuming CBD-infused products. 

This factor can be weighed on three parameters. First and foremost you have to take the purity of the component into consideration. Second, you have to see if you are taking both THC and CBD strains at the same time. Third, you need to take your canna-experience into account. For a beginner, generally a low dosage is recommended and for the experienced user, the dose will vary from time to time. 

So, medical marijuana will fit your system only and when the dosage is as little as 2.5mg. But if you take only CBD products there is a chance that the medical marijuana doctor will increase the dose. Because the main components of the cannabis plant when taken together have a greater effect than consumed alone. 

Biphasic Role of CBD

Medical marijuana is bi-phasic. In other words, a large dose and a small dose will create totally opposite effects. Say if you are treating the symptoms of depression with the help of a CBD-RIch strain. But the depression seems to increase as soon as you take a single dose. The reasons are plenty. As stated above you could be a beginner exposed to a large quantity or you might be experimenting with the strains without proper guidance. This is to say that every individual is unique and thus your body will have a different reaction to everything. Your ECS will control an array of functions but the receptors will behave accordingly. 

Additionally, the solution to this situation is that you have to experiment with the requirement but under guidance. Especially when you are consuming a THC: CBD ratio. The ones who are forbidden to use THC or don’t use THC-infused strains are also under the obligation of proper guidance. Yes, because using less cannabis can benefit you in several ways. But also remember that it is not necessary that what worked for you will also work for your friends. So, don’t preach until you are sure about your own dose. Even if you are sure do not guide them. Let medical professionals handle the situation. 

How Will You Control Your Dose? 

control your dose

As the saying goes, less is always more. In the same way, you can start by decreasing the dose each day and see if it is benefitting you. Furthermore, be prepared to adjust the dose to a minimum. Especially if you are already taking some other medications. The combination of pharmaceuticals and medical marijuana can prove fatal if both of them are being taken in larger quantities. Another factor that plays a major role is the tolerance rate of your body. If you are highly sensitive to everything it is wise to not use canna-products. As far as the canna-users are concerned. the tolerance rate can be adjusted as per health problems. 

You can also determine your dose with the help of the quality of the product. Though it is advised that you use the products made out of the original hemp plant. Industrial products can be adulterated and prove fatal for beginners. I can say from personal experience that phytocannabinoid-rich original hemp products are more beneficial than the ones derived from the industrial hemp. 

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It is worth noticing that we don’t know a lot about CBD and the 60 other compounds of the cannabis plant. The research on medical marijuana in San Jose and other regions of America is prevalent and it keeps changing from time to time. The only scientific and clear evidence we have about all these components is that they react with the human body and cause no side effects. Because cannabis is a plant and it can treat several conditions.

The Legal Face of Medical Marijuana: How is Legalization Decreasing the Rate of Opioid Deaths

So far U.S. authorities have been amending the loopholes in marijuana laws. Every time you pick your phone, a notification pops up on the screen. You open that notification and begin to read. You analyze the news and weigh the pros and cons. Now, as a canna-lover, it is your responsibility to know what is happening in the world of cannabis at the federal level. If you are not aware of the laws you might get in trouble. 

Having said that, let’s take a look at the legal aspect of medical marijuana and how it has helped decrease the rate of opioid deaths in the USA. Especially this year, wherein a study found that marijuana has impacted the rate of mortality. 

Study Says Cannabis Legalization Helps Decrease the Rate of Opioid Use

The rate of deaths due to opioids intake has been increasing for the past few years. It is duly noted through this study that in the year 2016 and 2017 many people overdosed on opioids and then died a fatal death. But after the legalization of cannabis, the rate in opioid intake dropped constantly. Aslo, through this study we get to know that there were 47,600 deaths in the year 2017. Since then, the rate has decreased by 21%. In other words, compared to the previous years, 10,000 fewer people died.

It has become extremely vital to recognize the need for medical marijuana in all the states of America. Though it wouldn’t be wrong to say that people who smoke tobacco always switch to cannabis. If you ask me why? I will simply state the facts that were once published in a study. It stated that components (THC, CBD) of medical marijuana reacts with our receptors. Some cause a mild high while the others cause euphoria. Eventually, curbing the need of an individual to smoke. 

Opioid as Drug and Marijuana as a Plant

 Opioid as drug and marijuana as a plant

It is important to understand that marijuana is not a drug, it is a plant. A plant that has several chemical components. As far as opioids are concerned they are pure drugs. Especially synthetic opioids which cause the body to treat several conditions in a short period. But as time passes we forget to realize the addictive impacts of opioids. 

It should also be noted that over 90 people die every day due to opioid overdose. But with the legalization of medical marijuana, the scene has shifted. Now, people are getting a medical marijuana card to avail of the benefits of cannabis. There are some people who still discuss the benefits of marijuana, but some people fail to understand. On the other hand, there are regular studies published on the fact that medical marijuana can be the future of medicine. 

Can Medical Marijuana be a Replacement for Opioids?

There are three principal species of marijuana – indica, Sativa, and ruderalis. Each species have different concentrates on THC and CBD. Sativa contains more THC and indica is CBD rich. Depending on the intensity of CBD and THC components in the medicine its potential can be decided. As far as CBD rich strains are concerned, they have been proved beneficial in treating several conditions. Those conditions include epileptic seizures, cancer, pain, headaches, anxiety, depression, etc. However, the use of medical marijuana in place of opioids is still debatable.

Several studies are published every year. Some studies imply that the states who have legalized marijuana appear to use fewer opioids than the states who have not. This also shows a connection between both. People in these states are prescribing medical marijuana with the help of dispensaries. While people in the rest of the country are still dependant on pharmaceuticals and opioids for their treatment. You can get medical marijuana card online to avail the benefits of cannabis. 

Medical Marijuana Doctors In San Jose Advocate The Harvard Study Which Shows Cannabis Increases Sperm Count.

If you’re a cannabis smoker, you’ve probably come across the notion that it’s bad for your reproductive health. Now, if you’re a male that means it harms your sperms. Well, mounting evidence from a Harvard Study shows that it’s not the case. Medical marijuana doctors in San Jose advocate the same.

By now, you might have guessed what I’m trying to say. Cannabis can actually increase your sperm count. Yes, you heard that right!

Cannabis Smokers Have A Higher Sperm Count

There was a long standing notion that cannabis can significantly lower sperm count and hamper your fertility. Well, that’s a distorted picture of the reality. The latest article from the Oxford Academic presents a clearer view.

The study mentions that cannabis consumption can not only increase the sperm count but also the sperm volume.

This presents a strong challenge to plethora of studies in the past that have had contrary views on the same. Numerous websites, newspapers, and bloggers have mentioned about the potential risk of cannabis. Well, they were not entirely wrong but they were backed by studies which presented a complex picture of the effect of cannabis.

There has been limited information on the mechanism of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The benefits of cannabis arise from the efficient functioning of the ECS. The present scenario equips us with better information. The same holds for the latest Harvard study too.

medical marijuana doctors

The Harvard Study Links Marijuana And Fertility

Harvard conducted an extensive 18 year study from 2000 to 2017. It evaluated 662 sub-fertile males from the Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center who produced over 1143 sperm samples.

It was noted that 365 participants had smoked cannabis at some point. The research data showed that these 365 people had significantly higher sperm count than non-smokers. Precisely speaking, the volume stood at 62.7 million/mL for marijuana smokers and 45.4 million/mL for non-marijuana smokers.

Additionally, cannabis also had a positive impact on the total sperm count. This essentially establishes the idea that medical marijuana consumption increases the production of semen.

If you’re confused about its effects, the medical marijuana doctors in San Jose can equip you with the necessary information which can help you in gaining a better understanding of the cannabis mechanism.

More Studies Are Expected In The Future

While the current research data is definitely informative but the Harvard scientists recommend a more detailed piece to further cement the link between cannabis and male fertility.

Researchers are also stressing on the possibility that medical marijuana might be a testosterone stimulant which contributes to a higher sperm count.

Earlier studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system has an effect on various systems in the body. So, it’s logical to say that it impacts the reproductive system too. Also, more information will enable us to have a better understanding of the whole mechanism and use cannabis more effectively for your health.

Approximately, 16.5% of US residents have reported to indulge in marijuana use and the legalization drive is expected to spread further across the nation. So, that stands as a responsibility to project accurate information to the public.

Medical marijuana doctors in San Jose provide the ideal landing pad of your queries. If you’re a couple who is planning to have a baby, the potential effects of cannabis should be well-known. The doctors can effectively screen you to check how your body will react to cannabis in that vital phase of your life.

This fresh study has definitely changed the existing assumptions about cannabis. The long standing notions have been put to rest. As a man, sperm is the most vital hormone which works as a tag of your existence. Medical marijuana has emerged has as ideal partner for your reproduction. While medical marijuana doctors in San Jose support the facts, further research is expected to throw more light on the same.

Use Medical Marijuana Recommendation In San Jose To Look Younger!

Are you scared of aging? I can hear your soul scream YES! While every human is destined to age, most people tend to shrivel away from reality. They always want to look young. While aging is an unalterable phenomenon, it can surely be slowed down. Yes, you heard that right! We have the science to make that happen and it is not that complex as you would imagine. The miracle I am talking about is cannabis. And if you don’t have access to it, you can use medical marijuana recommendation in San Jose. It helps you in buying cannabis legally.

By the way, what is your idea of youth? I am sure most people would say a head full of lustrous hair, tight glowy skin, and a fit body. Well, that’s absolutely achievable, even while you’re aging. There is substantial research which backs this

medical marijuana recommendation in San Jose

How Does Cannabis Help You Look Younger?

There is substantial research which backs the benefits of cannabis in keeping the human body young and functioning. It can actually reverse aging to make you look younger and fresher.

Wondering how? Let’s dive into the details

Enhances Brain Functions And Memory

The brain is the most vital part of the human body and with increasing age, the cognitive function decreases making it harder to remember and process information. This explains why most old people have memory problems. It’s all in the brain. Research shows that cannabis can help in reducing the symptoms of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. These have negative effects on the brain. Use of cannabis helps in fighting these disorders to increase brain function and memory.

Get sharper and feel younger!


Your body’s ability to eliminate harmful radicals from the body arises from the use of antioxidants. Cannabis contains powerful antioxidants in the form of active compounds THC and CBD.So, when cannabis is ingested or smoked it acts as a potent antioxidant by eliminating the free radicals. In fact, it is even a better antioxidant than Vitamin C and E.

Cannabis will keep you fresh as a flower!

Works As A Pain Reliever

Pain is a constant companion in old age and limits the scope of activity you can perform. Cannabis affects the endocannabinoid receptors in the body to release the feel-good hormones which induce relaxing effects, easing the pain and anxiety. Also, it has the anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain and give you the relief you desire.

You can imagine by now that being a part of a younger crowd is not that hard. It just needs heightened awareness. If you don’t have access to cannabis, you just need a medical marijuana recommendation in San Jose. This can equip you with the authority to buy the strain of your choice from the various dispensaries in the city.

Youth is an asset that you absolutely deserve and cannabis with its magical properties ensures you stay young and fresh forever. Life comes once, but you live it every day. Cannabis ensures you live it beautifully!