What is The Role of Telehealth During the Covid-19 Crisis?

A face mask and an iPad is what the Americans are looking forward to fighting against the deadly pandemic that has already infected more than 40k individuals. While the idea seems relatively new, patients receiving medical marijuana in San Jose are using this technology for obtaining 420 evaluations.  

 face mask

So, what changed?

The Covid-19 havoc gave telehealth technology the necessary ground to make its mark. And it’s not only about helping the people. It’s also about the ones who are on the other side of the table. With the advent of telehealth services, healthcare professionals can contribute to medicare facilities without missing a single individual. It is helping hospitals to prevent any significant crisis due to such a higher influx of patients in this crisis. 

It is a point where we will shift our focus on everything about Telehealth and it’s importance in the context of Covid-19. So, let’s begin.

How is Telehealth Helping to Fight Against The Covid-19 Outbreak?

Since the world is dealing with a pandemic right now, Telehealth is providing an effective and sustainable solution to keep practicing “social distancing” while getting access to quality healthcare services. It’s helping to bridge the gap between people, doctors, and health systems, enabling everyone to stay at home and communicate with their doctors using virtual channels. 

And this is itself helping physicians and health systems to mitigate the spread of this deadly viral attack. And the ones who were against it before are quickly adopting this service to treat quarantined patients without exposing anyone else to positive cases. Even CDC is now urging people and medical staff to use this technology for non-urgent communications. That’s how one can reduce the burden of emergency rooms and clinics. 

By using such services, the patients who require care or consultations of other medical ailments can easily access the required option without risking their lives. You can go use this for your medical recommendations if you wish to obtain medical marijuana in San Jose since they are deemed as “essential services” in many parts of the country. 

But, how does this technology reduce the risk of contracting a virus? Let’s find out together.

How Can Telehealth Help Minimize The Covid-19 Risk?

The healthcare providers are working non-stop in this crisis at the frontline. And they are the ones who are higher-risk of contracting viruses and spreading it to other patients. So, such measures will allow your and their safety together. The right actions will help everyone to get the best medicare services without coming in contact with anyone. 

It applies to the patients who have some chronic disorder and can’t risk themselves getting infected from such a deadly disease. Any follow-up can quickly be taken over a call without having to come online. Even medicines can be delivered to your house, thanks to the prescriptions that can be directly sent to a local pharmacy. 

In short, comfort and assistance guaranteed. 

Final Thoughts

The healthcare groups are seeing a massive surge in the patient-doctor virtual consultations. They are using this means to provide healthcare services to their patients while being extra careful so that the virus does not spread from carriers to others. As we know, if the hospital staff is exposed to the virus, they would be required to put themselves into a 14-day self-quarantine. And in such a crisis, it would create another healthcare breakdown. Of course, no one can afford that in the current situation. Isn’t it? So, using telehealth services, you are helping to keep doctors in low-risk categories for as long as possible while giving a chance to eliminate the exposure for yourself as well. 

However, a lot of providers are still catching up with this technology. And are beginning to realize its importance in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis. As the public health crisis is escalating, the role of this technology is even more significant. 

Get this: If you are still stuck with traditional ways, start using telehealth services during this crisis to screen patients remotely. It doesn’t end with that. You can use this to triage patients’ cold or flu-like symptoms and provide them care remotely without exposing anyone else. Even if you are looking for routine medical recommendations, contact your doctor online to access medical marijuana in San Jose.


Use Medical Marijuana For Managing ADHD Symptoms Effectively

ADHD (Adult-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a mental illness that is linked to hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. Patients suffering from this condition usually have unstable relationships, low self-esteem, and trouble concentrating on their work. Marijuana’s active cannabinoids can help in managing ADHD symptoms by interacting with the endocannabinoid system of the body. There’s strong evidence that cannabis is way better than prescription medications, and more ADHD patients are turning to it. Medical marijuana is legal in more than 30 US states and the remaining ones are also legalizing it for medical users. To access cannabis in a legalized state, you need to apply for 420 evaluations online.

Medical Marijuana For ADHD

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder, which can lead to concentration problems. Patients with this condition often have trouble focusing on their work, show signs of restless behavior and fail to manage certain events. Moreover, ADHD can cause relationship problems at home and in college.

For treating ADHD, doctors usually prescribe stimulant medications such as Adderall and Ritalin. These drugs work by correcting the levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for brain cell communication. Although drugs can help in managing ADHD symptoms, they can lead to unpleasant side-effects.

To avoid risks associated with ADHD drugs, most patients prefer using medical marijuana as an alternative. The herb works the same way as medications do, i.e. changing dopamine levels. Most of the consumers say that marijuana is a safe treatment of ADHD, and it doesn’t have any risks of addiction.

In the United States, cannabis is listed among the most commonly used recreational drugs. Most people use it to experience high effects. However, in recent years, scientists are researching the non-psychoactive compounds such as CBD. CBD products deliver medicinal benefits without causing high effects.

Let’s now look at some of the medical studies.

According to a study of 268 different online discussion threads, marijuana played a vital role in managing ADHD symptoms. Some schools of thought say that a lack of dopamine in the brain’s prefrontal cortex region may cause ADHD. Marijuana can help in producing more dopamine, thus helping patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to promote wellness.

However, repeated use of substances like cannabis may lead to the development of dependence and brain changes, thus challenging a person’s ability to resist intense urge to use drugs.

In 2017, Nature journal published a study, discussing THC’s dopamine-releasing action. Researchers concluded that THC can help in boosting dopamine levels for the short-term, but may dull the system if used for the long-term.

A trial checked the effects of marijuana’s cannabinoids on ADHD patients. While the number of participants was small, the results were significant. Researchers noticed that there were small improvements in ADHD symptoms. They also concluded that the chances of development of side-effects with marijuana use were less in adults as compared to children.

Is marijuana safe for children with ADHD?


Is marijuana safe for children with ADHD?

Researchers say that the potential side-effects may worsen the condition, thus outweighing the health benefits. The brain of the children is in the development stage, and marijuana use may change normal neurological development, thus causing harmful cognitive effects.

NIDA says that patients who start taking cannabis before the age of 18 are 4-7 times more likely to develop problems with it.

So, always discuss your condition with a licensed doctor and seek professional advice for what’s right for you.

To sum up, marijuana is effective in alleviating ADHD symptoms. Its cannabinoids possess amazing medicinal properties, and they work by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Currently, researchers believe that cannabis compounds can provide short-term improvements, but may worsen the symptoms when used for long-term. Thus, it’s important to analyze your condition, how your body responds to cannabinoids, and select the right strains and dosage.

Talk to a licensed medical marijuana doctor to apply for 420 evaluations in San Jose.

Revive Your Year-End with These Strains Using 420 Evaluations

Binge-watching Netflix series, or an old football match, or simply spending time cozying up with your gang could be the best way to end your 2019. And if you add green color to your fun activities, you can actually revive your end days for the fresh start of a new year. Here is how 420 evaluations can help you using the best strains as per your theme. 

For a Chilling New Year’s Eve

If you don’t wish to do anything crazy at the end of this year, going for Indica strains will help you mellow down the time. And provide the desired calmness the way you hope for. It is because Indica strains have higher CBD: THC ratios that will keep your mind focused without causing any unnecessary tantrums. It would be a good idea for people who wish to slow down the time and appreciate the year-end and the start of a new year. The following are examples of the best strains for a fun-filled experience. 

OG Kush 

One of the most popular marijuana strains of all time. It will give you comfort and a sense of pleasure. You can use this strain and go for a Netflix series or your favorite movie with your pals for an amazing year-end. 

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Northern Lights 

You can choose this chill-out strains with a higher potency using 420 evaluations. It is a great strain for marijuana amateurs if they don’t want to end up ruining a great gathering. 


This is one of the mildest marijuana strains with both physical and psychological effects. If you are stressed about something or wish to calm down your mind and body, this will be a perfect strain. 

For a Thrilling New Year’s Eve

A couch-locked state might not be the best idea of saying goodbye to 2019 for some people. For them, energy or craziness would be mean the best way to start a happy new year. For that, you can go for Sativa strains with higher THC content. So, look for the following strains with your 420 evaluations Online to turn your ending simply a blast. 

Durban Poison 
                                                                                      Durban Poison

It’s also called the “espresso” as it keeps you charged up without falling short of any energy for your new year’s ever party. It will keep you up for the longest time without any feelings of fatigue. 

Sour Diesel

It will help you to keep a live atmosphere. You will have great ideas after puffing this strain. Thereby, making your party much more interesting and intriguing. You will feel elated and turn your party into a fun-filled experience. 

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Ideal for any day time party. So, using this strain as one of the first puffs on your new year will make you motivated for the new year and its challenges. You will feel elated to start accomplishing your new year resolutions without any hassles. 

Ending Note 

Some people wish to forget the memories, some are excited about making the new ones. For others, it’s just an excuse to celebrate. There are many reasons why people wish to add cannabis in their new year celebrations. So, using the right strains as per your mood will help you to end your 2019 with a bang. 

However, the ones going for high THC strains, make sure to gradually increase the dose or else you will feel paranoid and turn your part into a disaster. Also, make sure to have 420 evaluations or go only for the legal limits or else you might end up facing some legal implications. Enjoy your 2019 to the fullest and refresh your 2020 with energy and new ideas.

Learn The Effects of Marijuana Use on Athletic Performance?

In the United States, marijuana is legal for medical purposes in 33 states. That means you can access cannabis products from medical dispensaries if you hold a recommendation letter signed by an MMJ doctor San Jose.

Marijuana is beneficial for people of all age groups and backgrounds. But, what about athletes? Do cannabinoids boost or affect athletic performance?

Since cannabis is an effective treatment for chronic pain, anxiety, etc., there’s no surprise that the herb is getting popular among athletes. And, athletes are turning to safe consumption methods such as vaping, CBD oils, energy bars, etc.

Read on to learn more about the effects of marijuana and its compounds on athletic performance.

Marijuana’s Effects on Athletic Performance

The marijuana plant has over 100 chemical compounds called cannabinoids, THC and CBD are the two most important ones. When you deliver cannabinoids into the body in any way, they attach to the receptors in the endocannabinoid system. This helps in changing various metabolic processes such as pain, mood, memory, and sleep. Thus, athletes suffering from conditions like anxiety can talk to an MMJ doctor San Jose to apply for 420 evaluations.

Marijuana’s Effects on Athletic Performance

However, there have been various studies conducted on the effects of marijuana on athletes. Researchers have found that cannabinoids can actually help boost athletic performance. 

An elite triathlete Clifford Drusinsky says, “Marijuana relaxes me and allows me to go into a controlled, meditational place. When I get high, I train smarter and focus on form.” 

Moreover, according to recent research in neurobiology, there’s a good connection between cannabis & long-distance running. Gregory Gerdeman, an Assistant Professor of Biology at Eckerd College says, “The runner’s high, as it’s been traditionally described, has been presumed to be caused by opioid peptides like endorphins.” The professor explains that the natural euphoria for long-distance running is caused by the endocannabinoid system of the brain, but not endorphins.

Dr. Johannes Fuss, a researcher at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, studied the neurobiological mechanisms that mediate the emotional benefits after acute exercise, termed as a runner’s high. Fuss found that the endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in the emotional aspects of running.

Additionally, Fuss said, “Some researchers say long-distance running might have evolved in our ancestors when forests were replaced by open savannas in Africa. This land conversion allowed the chasing of prey by endurance running. Reduced sensation of pain and less anxiety through long-distance running would have been a benefit for running hunters.”

Additionally, researchers have found that marijuana can be helpful in treating muscle spasms related to multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, etc. Thus, athletes with muscle spasms can benefit from medical cannabis. Erich Anderer, M.D., Chief of Neurosurgery at NYU Langone Hospital – Brooklyn said, “There have been studies in rodents showing some beneficial effect in muscle recovery and reduction of muscle spasm, presumably due to anti-inflammatory properties the compound possess.”

However, marijuana is included in the list of Schedule 1 Drugs along with heroin and LSD. The World Anti-Doping Agency declined to be interviewed on the topic. But, in 2013, they reported that they increased the levels of acceptable marijuana in the athlete’s body, and they won’t be disqualified for out-of-competition use. Still, marijuana use before a sporting event isn’t allowed.


In conclusion, marijuana use has many health benefits such as pain relief, boosted sleep, reduced anxiety, etc. Athletes can benefit from cannabis consumption in various ways. Cannabinoids can help them boost focus, promote relaxation, and improve performance. As marijuana’s effects vary from patient to patient, you should carefully select marijuana products to receive the required medicinal benefits.

Visit a medical marijuana clinic to apply for 420 med evaluations today!

San Jose 420 Doctor Shares The Traits For Choosing Quality Strains

If you are living in a cannabis-friendly state, hurray!!! You are living the time of your life. Am I saying anything that’s not true? Not really because you can find your favorite medical marijuana strains quite easily. Either by using your 420 evaluations by San Jose 420 doctor or buying the recreational ones. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect icing on the cake?

Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same luck. A lot of states still restrict using medical marijuana in any form. They don’t understand or favor the idea of cannabis legalization in the absence of any solid lead that might support the said therapeutic benefits of this plant.

So, if you are unable to find any reliable source for obtaining dank marijuana strains, start with getting to know about the minute details that separate a good strain from a bad one. Here is a step-by-step guideline that will help you with choosing good cannabis strains.

Understanding About The Shelf System

This is one of the best strategies to check whether or not your preferred marijuana strain is good enough, as it states. One can use this tip for buying marijuana via licensed dispensaries. Of course, the budtender will never try to scam you. It will still be useful for patients to know that there are different grades of cannabis present in your nearby dispensaries.

Ideally, there are three types of strains available in such dispensaries. The employers usually place the ones with top-shelf life at the top of the shelves. These strains will, most of the time, have higher THC content as compared to others. These are normally grown in good conditions with the perfect curing and drying process.

The ones in the middle of the shelf are not incredible. But, will do your job as top-shelf strains might be pretty expensive. The final slot is for the cheapest medical marijuana strains, which are like the leftovers. San Jose 420 doctor says that they might be suitable for the beginners, but still, you might feel that wasted your hard-earned money over nothing.

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Check For The Ideal Content Seeds And Stem

Nothing is ideal, as it seems. Finding the best potent buds are the dream of any cannabis user. Whenever you wish to buy marijuana, you can find the streets filled with stems. It would be like you paid for the wrong stock in the name of marijuana. Imagine paying $60 for the haystack. These are more or less useless stuff that would only add up to the final weight without providing any benefits.

On the other hand, paying for cannabis with seeds might make it even worse as they might explode when lit. It’s like you are having a bowl of explosives in your hand. San Jose 420 doctor recommends avoiding such strains.

Experience Its Aroma And Taste

If the cannabis is cured to perfection and grown in proper conditions, then, you can feel the marijuana musk indicating the freshness of the strains with higher terpenes content. If you find any bad quality cannabis strain, you will never feel the ideal cannabis scent.

Look for the shades of green ranging from neon to bland gray colors. Some might also have a blue or purplish tone, as well. If you find buds with yellow, red, brown color, make sure not to buy any of it.

The Presence of Trichomes


Imagine looking for a magnifying glass for finding trichomes. But, if you are buying the right marijuana strain, then you can see visible sparkling crystals over your marijuana buds. This one is essential characteristics as trichomes bear terpenes and cannabinoids. Anything less than that would mean you are buying strains that are not feasible for you. Or for your medical condition if you are taking it as a therapeutic aid on the advice of San Jose 420 doctor

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Final Thoughts

San Jose 420 Doctor recommends choosing good quality strains for the best marijuana experience. After all, that’s why you started consuming such stuff. Marijuana clinic in San Jose also states that if you have any medical condition, finding good quality strains will help to deliver the best possible therapeutic outcomes.

PS- Always buy from a reputable source and not from any shady place to save in a few dollars.

Beat Cancer with These 5 Amazing Strains

Cancer is the most deadly disease. It will take you by surprise and make your life a living hell. Though it doesn’t mean that you decide to quit. There are thousands of cancer patients out there who live their lives to the fullest. They try to beat the hell out of cancer by fighting it bravely. So how are fighting the symptoms of cancer? With the help of online 420 evaluations or regular chemotherapies? 

There are several ways to fight cancer. A stage one cancer patient will probably live but for those in their last stages, even one option can become a ray of hope. The role of medical marijuana plays a major role here. In recent years many studies have shown that medical cannbais has the potential to treat cancer. This is why we have made a list of strains that can help you survive cancer. 

5 amazing strains

Charlotte’s Web

This is one of the most famous strain and it comes with the potential to treat epileptic seizures. It has been named after a girl who treated her seizures with the help of medical marijuana. Charlotte’s Web is CBD high and THC low strain, and it has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. 

CBD is very high in this strain making it possible to treat pain, stress, and anxiety as a result of cancer. 

Tom Ford Pink Kush

Tom Ford is one strain that can treat the symptoms of cancer. The treatment of cancer requires a lot of chemotherapy. As a result, you will feel nauseous most of the time. To prevent the feeling of dizziness and to rid other symptoms – CBD high strain can come handy. It is also a hybrid and has low THC content. But before treating your cancer with any of the mentioned strain make sure you take an online 420 evaluations. 


As a result of various chemotherapies, you will feel low and tired all the time. Chocolope can play a major role in increasing the energy level. It is a child of two parents namely Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. Being a hybrid and THC high strain it will instantly help you gain the lost energy. Once you have the energy back you can carry forward with the activities you always wanted to do in life. So, uplift your spirits and make the most of this strain. 

Northern Light

One major symptom of cancer is nausea. Northern Light is a THC rich strain and it has the ability to the tone down the nauseating feeling. Cancer patients are constantly bothered by nauseating feeling they have due to radio and chemotherapy. Northern light comes from Sativa origin and has the ability to affect our ECS system. In Turn, the ECS system will control an array of functions and make you feel better instantly. 

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Granddaddy Purple

If you have trouble sleeping or you are worried about the fact that cancer can severely affect your life. Try Granddaddy Purple. It is a hybrid of Purple Urkle and Big bud with indica dominant traits. Once you consume this strain you feel a sense of relaxation. It will not only help you stay calm but also sleep better. In addition to this, the strain will also improve your appetite. However, take a doctor’s consultation first and then see if it best suits your condition. 

All these strains can help you cover the rough patches in your life. But most importantly you have to stay strong. You also need to have the will power to fight all the diseases. Be it with the help of a medical marijuana card in San Jose or several therapies. And as far as cancer patients are concerned, I hope these strains will prove beneficial for you.