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Why Should You Stay Away From DIY Hydrocarbon Extraction?


Hydrocarbon extraction uses Butane and Propane as the main solvents to produce highly potent cannabis extracts. The methods of extraction typically include passing Butane or Propane through raw cannabis to collect the cannabinoids and terpenes separately. Next, the solvent and the oil are heated until Propane and Butane evaporate from the mixture leaving behind a pure form of extract.

The only problem with hydrocarbon extraction is that it has its own sets of disadvantages and advantages. Even worse, it is difficult to regulate the extraction process people use as DIY methods at home to produce high-quality extracts. As a result, extraction-based DIY methods continue to cause harm to the environment, society, and neighborhood.

The only exception, in this case, is experts who know the extraction process in and out. They conduct hydrocarbon extraction keeping all the safety measures in mind because they have extensive knowledge about the subject. On the other hand, cannabis consumers with basic knowledge make extracts at home facing minimal yet possible risks. Unfortunately, the study doesn’t end here and the risk increases rather significantly when the extraction process includes a flammable solvent. So, here’s one major reason why you need to leave the hydrocarbon extraction process to the experts. Read on to find out more.

DIY Extraction Could Lead to Amateur Production

Let’s face it, be it a small cannabis business or big, a large number of cannabis companies use extraction methods to receive high-quality products. For instance, Delta Botanicals uses Co2 extraction methods to avail of full-spectrum CBD oils and tinctures. While these extraction methods produce the purest and organic forms of cannabinoids, the disadvantages that come with them cannot go unheeded.

To put things into perspective, here’s an analysis conducted by the University of North Carolina (UNC). The 2018 analysis raises concerns regarding Butane and Propane used as solvents to create extracts. It singled out the nuances of amateur production and the blasting methods used in the process. The study clearly revealed that when improper passing of butane and propane causes flammable compounds to ignite.

Here’s another report that identifies the rise of illegal hash labs. The report went on to say that illegal labs have grown by a staggering 38% in the past few years. Several illegal operations were identified after the labs caught fire. So, this means that the problem of ignition still lingers in the dark, and cannabis consumers creating cannabis extracts at home through DIY methods pose the highest risks.

Improper Methods Cause Threat to Surround Areas

The problem is not limited to the labs constructed illegally. It travels deep with the neighborhood and the environment getting affected severely. For example, hydrocarbon extraction methods require a huge and costly setup. The machines available in the market may help the DIY users create a concentrate, but expert knowledge still holds an integral place. So, even if an individual ends up getting an operation on the farm, or in the woods near to the house, even tiny bits of volatile explosion can lead to massive fires.

In fact, in August 2019, a news report emerged revealing how a DIY operation led to a massive fire near the Rouge River. The DIY operation was conducted by a 24-year-old man, and, as a penalty, he had to face three years in prison. This report clearly states that the hydrocarbon extraction method requires technical knowledge and expensive and large equipment. With all the information available on the internet and DIY knowledge, people tend to take the bait. As a result, poor knowledge and an urge to follow the trend of DIY methods lead to serious consequences.

Final Thoughts

With ongoing illegal productions and high risks present at the hydrocarbon extraction sites, the dangers continue to grow even more with DIY trends. Until cases of DIY damages continue to pose a threat to the neighbors and environment, it’s best to leave the hydrocarbon extraction methods to the experts. If you need a cannabis concentrate you can get a medical marijuana card online from certified health physicians. And get high-quality products from state-licensed dispensaries.

However, you also have to note that DIY practices will grow as long as the legal authorities fail to address these concerns. For now, those who plan on cultivating their own cannabis and using the raw flower to extract concentrates or oil must keep the technicalities and disadvantages of hydrocarbon extraction in mind. More vitally, if you wish to access cannabis extracts, you can get 420 evaluations online and get a cannabis recommendation to be on the safer side.