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What is The Role of Telehealth During the Covid-19 Crisis?


A face mask and an iPad is what the Americans are looking forward to fighting against the deadly pandemic that has already infected more than 40k individuals. While the idea seems relatively new, patients receiving medical marijuana in San Jose are using this technology for obtaining 420 evaluations.

So, what changed?

The Covid-19 havoc gave telehealth technology the necessary ground to make its mark. And it’s not only about helping the people. It’s also about the ones who are on the other side of the table. With the advent of telehealth services, healthcare professionals can contribute to medicare facilities without missing a single individual. It is helping hospitals to prevent any significant crisis due to such a higher influx of patients in this crisis.

It is a point where we will shift our focus on everything about Telehealth and its importance in the context of Covid-19. So, let’s begin.

How is Telehealth Helping to Fight Against The Covid-19 Outbreak?

Since the world is dealing with a pandemic right now, Telehealth is providing an effective and sustainable solution to keep practicing “social distancing” while getting access to quality healthcare services. It’s helping to bridge the gap between people, doctors, and health systems, enabling everyone to stay at home and communicate with their doctors using virtual channels.

And this is itself helping physicians and health systems to mitigate the spread of this deadly viral attack. And the ones who were against it before are quickly adopting this service to treat quarantined patients without exposing anyone else to positive cases. Even CDC is now urging people and medical staff to use this technology for non-urgent communications. That’s how one can reduce the burden of emergency rooms and clinics.

By using such services, the patients who require care or consultations of other medical ailments can easily access the required option without risking their lives. You can go use this for your medical recommendations if you wish to obtain medical marijuana in San Jose since they are deemed as “essential services” in many parts of the country.

But, how does this technology reduce the risk of contracting a virus? Let’s find out together.

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How Can Telehealth Help Minimize The Covid-19 Risk?

The healthcare providers are working non-stop in this crisis at the frontline. And they are the ones who are at higher risk of contracting viruses and spreading it to other patients. So, such measures will allow your and their safety together. The right actions will help everyone to get the best Medicare services without coming in contact with anyone.

It applies to the patients who have some chronic disorder and can’t risk themselves getting infected from such a deadly disease. Any follow-up can quickly be taken over a call without having to come online. Even medicines can be delivered to your house, thanks to the prescriptions that can be directly sent to a local pharmacy.

In short, comfort and assistance are guaranteed.

Final Thoughts

The healthcare groups are seeing a massive surge in patient-doctor virtual consultations. They are using this means to provide healthcare services to their patients while being extra careful so that the virus does not spread from carriers to others. As we know, if the hospital staff is exposed to the virus, they would be required to put themselves into a 14-day self-quarantine. And in such a crisis, it would create another healthcare breakdown. Of course, no one can afford that in the current situation. Isn’t it? So, using telehealth services, you are helping to keep doctors in low-risk categories for as long as possible while giving a chance to eliminate the exposure for yourself as well.

However, a lot of providers are still catching up with this technology. And are beginning to realize its importance in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis. As the public health crisis is escalating, the role of this technology is even more significant.

Get this: If you are still stuck with traditional ways, start using telehealth services during this crisis to screen patients remotely. It doesn’t end with that. You can use this to triage patients’ cold or flu-like symptoms and provide them care remotely without exposing anyone else. Even if you are looking for routine medical recommendations, contact your doctor online to access medical marijuana in San Jose.