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Cannabis Tinctures – All You Need to Know


Dosage is one of the major factors that influence the effects of marijuana. Tinctures allow you to control dosage completely, thus receiving the desired effects. This helps you to reduce the risks of cannabis overdose.

Tinctures are perfect for individuals who want to use cannabis for medical purposes, such as pain relief, anxiety control, etc. You can buy a wide variety of tinctures with different levels of cannabinoids at medical dispensaries using your medical marijuana card San Jose.

In this post, we will discuss everything related to marijuana tinctures, including their benefits, how to make them at home, use, etc.

What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

Tinctures contain high levels of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. They are available in dropper bottles. So, taking tinctures is considered one of the best methods of cannabis consumption for precise dosing.

Tinctures contain alcohol or glycerin as a solvent for extracting cannabis compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes. They contain decarboxylated cannabis. Decarboxylation is the process of extracting active ingredients.

The effects of tinctures may vary depending on whether you consume sublingually, orally, or infuse with foods. Taking marijuana sublingually has fast action. Just place a few drops under the tongue, and cannabinoids will be absorbed quickly.

Major Benefits of Tinctures

Convenient Dosing

By using a fine dropper, you can get the right dose. Flowers and concentrates are harder to dose, and they can increase the risks of cannabis overdose.

Tinctures are great to evaluate what’s the minimum effective dose that can help you alleviate your condition. So, you can easily determine how much you should consume to receive the desired effects rather than taking higher amounts.

Long Life

Tinctures can last longer. Many medical experts say that if stored properly, tinctures can last for years. You can use them for making smoothies, soups, or infuse in foods. However, you should close the lid tightly every time you use a tincture. And, don’t forget to shake the bottles completely before using them.

Fast Action

By placing a few drops under the tongue and holding them for a few seconds, you can absorb the active ingredients of marijuana directly into the bloodstream. In other words, you can quickly receive the medicinal effects without generating odor as smoking or vaping. When using a new tincture, you should test with a drop to evaluate the strength.

THC vs CBD Tinctures

When buying cannabis tinctures, you have a wide range of options to choose from. However, you should get what will work best for you. The three common types of tinctures are—high THC, high CBD, and equal CBD and THC.

THC is a major psychoactive cannabinoid, which is popular for its mind-altering effects. On the other hand, CBD is non-psychoactive i.e. it provides amazing health benefits without making the consumer high. According to the Farm Bill of 2018, hemp-derived CBD products (with less than 0.3 percent THC) are legal. However, if you want to buy and use CBD products containing more than 0.3 percent THC, you require a medical marijuana card San Jose.

How to Make Marijuana Tinctures at Home?

You can easily make cannabis tinctures at home. There are many options available, allowing you to choose what works for you.

Alcohol-Based Tinctures

Tinctures that are made from alcohol deliver quick effects. The reason for this is alcohol travels the bloodstream faster. When you place some drops under the tongue, cannabis compounds reach the bloodstream and deliver therapeutic effects instantly.

Additionally, alcohol-based tinctures are highly potent and provide stronger effects from a few drops.

Glycerine-Based Tinctures

Glycerine is a great alternative to alcohol when making tinctures at home. Unlike alcohol, glycerine doesn’t have intoxicating properties. It’s important to note that glycerine-based tinctures aren’t as strong as tinctures made from alcohol. That means you need to take higher doses of glycerine-based tinctures to receive the same effects.

The Complete Process For Making Tinctures at Home

If you are using alcohol for making tinctures, we recommend you to use high-profile alcohol. Never use isopropyl alcohol. For making glycerine-based tinctures, use 100 percent pure glycerine.

Step 1

Visit the local dispensary to buy cannabis with your medical marijuana card San Jose. No matter whether you are buying flowers or concentrates, check the cannabinoid profile carefully. Buy only the strains that can help you ease symptoms. Remember, consuming high-THC strains can deliver intense mind-altering effects. So, we recommend you to start with low-THC strains.

Step 2

Decarboxylate marijuana. Why is it necessary? It helps in activating active ingredients such as THC. You can find different ways to decarboxylate cannabis online.

Step 3

Mix cannabis with the solvent in a glass jar. What about the cannabis to the solvent ratio? Well, it depends on your personal preferences. For instance, if you want to make a strong tincture, mix 10 ml of solvent in 1 g of marijuana.

After combining the two substances, shake the jar well and let the solution sit for a few weeks. And, don’t forget to shake the jar at least once in a day.

Step 4

Now, it’s time to extract the liquid. You can use a cheesecloth for this purpose. Squeeze the cloth properly to collect all the liquid. Now, you can fill dropper bottles with your home-made cannabis tincture.

When preparing tinctures at home, you should be very careful. If you are using alcohol, avoid smoking or open flames. Otherwise, it can cause an accidental fire. Additionally, make sure there’s proper ventilation in the kitchen.

How to Use Tinctures?

Tinctures are usually absorbed sublingually. You can also mix them with foods or beverages. However, they are low calorie, unlike marijuana-infused edibles, such as cookies, brownies, etc

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When you consume tinctures, they reach the bloodstream instantly. However, before using them, you should clean the dropper properly to avoid taking impurities.

The dose is important when using tincture to get the health benefits you want. Different patients have different tolerances and conditions. For instance, 10 ml of CBD tincture working for one patient with anxiety may not work for another, even if they share the same age and symptoms. So, knowing the right dose for your condition is important. How to do that? Start with a low dose, and gradually increase the amount until you get what you want.

Get Medical Marijuana Recommendations Online

Using telemedicine, you can apply for your medical marijuana card online in just a few minutes. It helps you to save time and money. The process is-

  • Fill a simple form
  • Talk to a licensed doctor online via HIPAA-compliant software
  • Get your MMJ recs in PDF via email

You can download the recs and take a printout yourself. Your card will be delivered to you in 1-3 business days.


Tinctures allow consumers to dose marijuana properly. They are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, thus delivering quick medicinal effects.

For making tinctures at home, you need to decarboxylate cannabis to extract the active chemical compounds, such as THC. You can use alcohol or glycerine as a solvent for extracting the compounds. Mix cannabis and solvent in the right ratios and let the solution cool for a few weeks. Alcohol-based tinctures are absorbed more quickly than tinctures made from glycerine.

Get a medical marijuana card San Jose to access the herb legally.