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What Are Cannabis Concentrates And How To Use Them


Cannabis concentrates are available in a variety of shapes and forms throughout the aisles of medical dispensaries. But do you really understand what the different concentrates are? Cannabis concentrates come in varying purity and chemical compositions, which is usually a result of how the concentrate is refined and extracted from the available raw product.

Concentrates range from some that are easy to use, to some that are best for advanced customers. Each has a different dose and effects on the human body and to effectively use if for your condition it is best you make your way to a San Jose 420 Doctor.

But, by the time you can do that we have compiled a list of all concentrates ranging from the easiest to use to ones that work best for seasoned users. Plus, let’s be honest, why would one not want a smoke-free alternative to the current traditional methods of consumption in the market.

Find The Right Dose and Effects

A concentrate has the capability to give you a euphoric high, a gentle relaxation, or no intoxicating symptoms at all it is all dependent on the ingredients in the concentrate.

  • An oil with large amounts of THC is great for a potent and euphoric high
  • A balance of THC and CBD will get you a gentle high
  • A high CBD, low THC product will get you therapeutic relief without any kind of high.

The problem with high THC products is that one needs to dose them carefully. In most cases, concentrates are so potent that all you need is microdoses to reach the desired effect.

With CBD, you don’t want to overload your system as over time you might start requiring even more CBD to reach the same effect that a little bit was giving you earlier.

CBD Oil and Hemp Oil 

This is the most prevalent concentration all around. This is the non-intoxicating compound called cannabidiol. It is best to help with inflammation without getting you high. Other conditions it helps out with are stress, anxiety, and pain.

Now a common question is – Is CBD oil the same as hemp oil? That is not always true. Hemp produces CBD and one can extract CBD oil from it. But cannabis that has a high amount of CBD also brings with it the entire spectrum of beneficial compounds, which makes it a lot more effective. But since there are different rules regarding the consumption of cannabis, CBD oil from cannabis might not be easily available.


If you look very closely at the cannabis flower, you will notice that there is a dusting of crystal powder over the entire flower. This is the kief.  It is produced by a plant’s resin glands. These sticky, tiny crystals contain everything one wants when one consumes cannabis. There THC, CBD, and terpenes all rolled into these minuscule resin glands.

Kief is usually pressed into a hash and then smoked to provide a more potent high to the user, There are other ways to consume it as well; you can sprinkle it on top of your food for similar effects.

Vape Oil

This is one of the best ways for one to begin their journey into the world of cannabis. This requires a simple setup of just two things: a battery and an oil cartridge. Then you can begin to dose yourself. These oils come in a variety of strains, potencies, and flavors so one can choose according to the experience you are looking for.


Until the probation of 1937, this was the most common form of medical cannabis in the United States. This liquid concentrate is procured using alcohol extraction. Cannabis is soaked in alcohol which pulls out most of the plant’s beneficial cannabinoids.

The effects set in quickly and stay for a pretty long amount of time. Tinctures are available in a variety of potencies and flavors and are also a great way to accurately dose oneself. You can buy CBD tinctures online from here.

Hydrocarbon Extracts (BHO)

BHO stands for butane hash oil. These are concentrates that are created using chemical solvents like propane and butane to remove all essential oils of cannabis from the plant matter. This is an extremely delicate process in which the chemical profile of the strain does not change whereas in other methods there is a loss of some amount of chemicals during the change process.

These are also available in every possible consistency and price point. There is, of course, a fluctuation in the potency that exists depending on what price point you are shopping at. This is also the concentrate used during the process of dabbing.

CO2 Oil 

This process uses carbon dioxide to extract the cannabinoids from the plant material. Carbon dioxide is actually an extremely common solvent that is used in pharmaceutical extraction as well as in things like decaffeinating coffee.

This is a comparatively safe way to extract the required compounds. You will usually find CO2 extracts in the form of vape cartridges or as applicators that refill cartridges.


When you first strip the cannabis plant material for cannabinoids you end up with a raw or crude extract that is full-spectrum in nature, This means it has lipids, fats, and terpenes. However, there is a process that can further refine this as well. It is called distillation.

The pure distillate has virtually no taste of its own and is flavorless and acts as the base for products like edibles and topicals.

Dry Sift

Dry Sift is a collection of refined resin glands that are separated from the cannabis flower mechanically using fine mesh screens. It is basically like kief, just a little more refined.

To create these extractors roll, rub, and tumble dried cannabis over a very finely woven screen. This causes dried resin glands to move away from the plant material and only allow the smallest of particles through. Certain advanced methods use processes like static energy to further refine the resin.

Ice Water Hash

Also called bubble hash this is created by agitating cannabis buds in ice water, which is then further filtered via fine screen bags. This process is also called washing as hash makers use a specially designed washing machine to agitate the plant material. It is only after this process is complete that the resin is filtered through an entire series of screen bags.

Once the whole cycle of filtering, collecting and drying are complete, the hash is finally ready. The appearance can range from dry and chalky to oily and greasy.

You might still think – why should you bother with cannabis concentrates when flowers might provide you with a similar experience. Well, flowers might be a good enough option for you but if you are looking for an efficient, clean way to get the required medication then concentrates are what you are looking for. Each of the above-given concentrates serves a different purpose and customer type. So, do complete your research before you walk into a dispensary.