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Top 4 Cannabis Strains That Are Easy to Grow Indoors


Cannabis is getting popular these days, mainly due to its medical benefits. You can buy medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary if you have a medical marijuana card. There are many health conditions that qualify for this recommendation card. If you also suffer from any of these qualifying conditions, you can get your recommendation card from a marijuana clinic. If you simply type “marijuana clinic near me” on a Google search, you will easily find a good marijuana clinic.

Now, you can buy cannabis from a licensed dispensary, but many people prefer to grow their cannabis at their homes only. This can save you a lot of time and effort of going out to a dispensary to buy your cannabis. It’s believed that growing cannabis at home is very tough and hectic. While it can be a bit tricky sometimes to grow it at your home, it is not as difficult as you think. There are certain factors that you have to keep in mind. And the biggest one is selecting the cannabis strain. Every strain is unique and some strains grow indoors better than others. And if you wondering what strains to choose to grow indoors, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

What Are the Top 4 Cannabis Strains That Are Easy to Grow Indoors?

Here are some of the easiest cannabis strains to grow indoors:

1. Blue Dream

I’m starting this list with one of the most popular cannabis strains, Blue Dream, as it is a great strain even if you are a novice grower. The popularity of this strain makes it easier to find its seed. The best part about growing Blue Dream is that it stands strong against root rot and powdery mildew, two of the most common problems people find in a cannabis garden. This high-yielding strain offers physical relaxation along with a mellow high. Blue Dream can help you get relief from pains, bad moods, and aches.

2. Jack Herer

This amazing cannabis strain has a perfect Indica/Sativa balance in a 1:1 ratio. Jack Herer is undoubtedly one of the best cannabis strains that hold more awards than any other variety of strain. You experience cerebral high and body stone after consuming this strain. If you are looking for a perfectly homogenous cannabis strain, Jack Herer is for you. Again, this strain is very popular, so you can easily find its seeds.

3. Northern Lights

If you are a beginner in growing cannabis, then Northern Lights can be a great pick for you. This Indica dominant strain is nothing short of a legend in the cannabis world. This mid-sized plant grows up to 1.6 m, and you can do the harvesting after just 8 weeks of flowering. Northern Lights is known to offer a powerful buzz that can last for a long time. Northern Lights is one of the strains that are used by many cancer patients for various symptoms. You can check other strains for cancer here.

4. White Widow

This Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain contains levels of THC that can reach up to 18-25 percent. It is one of my favorite cannabis strains ever, and it is also easy to grow it indoors, especially for new growers. This was produced in 1987 by a Dutch breeder named Ingemar. The best part about growing this strain is that it stands strong against mold. Also, White Widow is one of the highly potent cannabis strains.

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So, these are some of the best cannabis strains you can grow at your home if you are new to growing cannabis. Also remember, that the genetics of your cannabis strains matter a lot, so consider that too before buying strains.