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How to Keep Your Cannabis Tolerance Under Control?


Given the rising popularity of cannabis, the number of people applying for online 420 evaluations to get an MMJ card has been spiking in the country. Millions of people are now using the herb to treat various different types of medical conditions. And marijuana too, in return, is working amazingly to help these people the best it can.

However, whether you are using cannabis as a medicine or just for recreational purposes, there’s one problem you’ll just have to face, if not now than later. A dreaded phenomenon we call cannabis tolerance. Cannabis tolerance is the condition characterized by not feeling the effects of the herb using your normal dosage after prolonged usage. Due to this, unless you increase your dosage, you would neither be benefitted from the herb medicinally nor you’ll get high. And it is the condition no cannabis user ever wants.

Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent this phenomenon from happening. Using a few simple tips and tricks given below, you can keep your cannabis tolerance under control very easily.

Tip 1: Lower Your Dosage

While there are many ways you can lower your marijuana tolerance, our body usually develops it due to high and frequent usage. And thus, your first approach should always be to lower your intake.

Yes, I know, it’s not always easy for an experienced user. Obviously, you can’t just smoke half a joint. However, you do have an option to crush less. In the same way, while consuming edibles, instead of eating a whole piece of marijuana browny, pick up half.  Or either prefer a low potency edible.

While consuming cannabis, you also have the option of micro-dosing. Microsdosing means consuming the minimum amount that can produce some effects for you. This can be a great way of avoiding marijuana tolerance, especially if you are a beginner.

But sometimes, especially if you are using the herb as a medicine, you can’t lower your dosage. In that case, try the methods given below.

Tip 2: Keep Changing Your Strain

If you are not already aware of it, let me tell you- different marijuana strains have different potency levels. Given this, they affect your tolerance level at different rates. However, while using cannabis, most users tend to use a single strain for a very long time. And thus, they develop tolerance toward it.

A very easy solution to this problem would be to keep switching your strains rather than sticking to just one. Whenever you buy your supplies, try getting multiple strains with different potency levels. Consume a different strain every time you sit down for a toke. This will not only help you keep your tolerance low but also give you a different high experience each time.

Tip 3: Keep Switching Your Strain Type

Another way to keep your cannabis tolerance low is to keep switching your strain type. Now, strains and strain types are two different things. When we talk about cannabis strain, there are more a thousand varieties of it, or even more. But the major types of cannabis strains are only two- Sativa and Indica. You should know that both these types affect your body tolerance differently. Thus, switching between these can help you avoid the dreaded cannabis tolerance effectively.

If you are currently an Indica person, give Sativa a try and experience a completely different high.

Tip 4: Try a Different Consumption Method

This may not seem very natural, but switching the way you consume your cannabis can also help you keep the phenomenon of cannabis tolerance at bay. This is because of how the cannabinoids enter your body with each method. For instance, with smoking, you feel the effects very quickly as the cannabinoids enter your blood via your lungs. However, with edibles, the onset time is more because of the cannabinoids following the digestive path. Surprisingly, this difference can have an effect on your tolerance toward the herb.

So, if you think you are developing tolerance toward cannabis and cannot switch your strain, give a chance to another method of administration. Who knows, what wonders a new method may have for you in the pocket.

Tip 5: Use CBD Products

The major culprit behind the development of cannabis tolerance is THC. So, how about we just replace it with something else? Let’s say CBD?

THC and CBD are the two cannabinoids of a marijuana plant that have been under the studies for the longest. And experts say that these are the prominent reasons behind the medicinal properties of the herb. Both these compounds provide almost the same effects, with just a few variations, including the THC being psychoactive.

However, CBD doesn’t have any such properties. In fact, experts believe it can even counter the intoxicating effects of THC. This means you can use CBD products until your tolerance is back to the level where you start feeling the effects with your normal dosage of THC.

Tip 6: Exercise

The benefits of exercising are obviously not unknown to anyone. You probably have noticed that almost everyone in your life, including your doctor, family, and friends, suggests you exercise on a regular basis. As per the experts, 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week is very important to keep yourself healthy.

But did you know exercising can help you manage your cannabis tolerance too?

This is because exercising provides you with the same effects as marijuana, i.e. make you feel good. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which help you stay happy and motivated. And this is exactly what cannabis does. This means, when you exercise, you do not need to consume as much marijuana.

Exercising on a regular basis also helps you avoid smoking a lot. This is because you are already getting a feeling of satisfaction that you usually seek from the act of smoking.

Tip 7: Take a Tolerance Break

Yes, this may sound a little harsh. Obviously, you didn’t go through the hassle of passing your online 420 evaluations to take a break afterward. However, if nothing else works, this perhaps is the only option you are left with.

For people who don’t know, a cannabis tolerance break is an exercise where you stop consuming the herb completely for a period of time. This time usually depends on how long you have been consuming it.

This break helps you detoxicate all the THC from your body so that you can feel its effects as they were in the beginning again. But you should keep in mind that the task is not at all easy. Yes, marijuana is said to be a non-addictive substance. However, if you are consuming it for some time, there will be a few short-term withdrawal symptoms. You may feel quite distressed and thus may crave it. Remember, patience and perseverance is the key here. Just stay put, and it will be worth it.

Here are a few tips to help you make your cannabis tolerance break a success:

  • Keep reminding yourself why you are doing this.
  • Get rid of everything that may tempt you to take a toke again. Remove all your products and accessories from your vicinity.
  • Keep your diet healthy and regular.
  • Distract yourself, especially at the time when you used to consume marijuana before.

These were a few tips that may help you avoid developing tolerance toward marijuana. Just try them out and let us know which one worked for you.