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Complete Guide On Cannabis For Autism


Do you know that over three million Americans are living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? It is a lifelong ailment that provokes problems with communication and social interaction. ASD patients are also prone to specific mental health conditions. These conditions include anxiety, depression, and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

As the treatment options are limited, San Jose 420 doctors evaluated the use of medical cannabis for Autism. Let’s take a look at the critical points of their evaluation.

Available Treatments

There are just a handful of options available when it comes to autism treatments. Generally, treatments portray the managing of the patient’s behavior through various therapies like anger management, animal-assisted, and sensory processing therapies.

Apart from this, the FDA has approved two drugs for dealing with autism-related symptoms. But these drugs are only fruitful to manage irritability. As a result, the other symptoms, like seizures, sleep disorders, and gastrointestinal problems, left unaddressed. Also, there are many side effects of these medicines like nausea, puking, and weight gain.

Sadly, no prescribed medication specifically deals with the ailment’s core characteristics.

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What about Cannabis for Autism?

In recent years, a massive amount of parents have reported the successful Autism treatment of their children using cannabis. One such report is of Dylan, a child from Rhode Island. His anecdotal story has appeared in the Chicago Tribune. His parents switched to marijuana after trying every possible treatment (Dairy-Free Diet, Ritalin, and Gluten) for their son.

Earlier, Dylan’s repetitive behavior used to cause problems at home and at school too. His response appears to improve with the regimen of cannabis oil. Now he’s very calm and more comfortable to get along with.

Several identical anecdotes are also popped up in the media. Many activist groups have formed like Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana that empower parents to favor legal access to medical cannabis.

Is There Any Research on This? 

Yes, there are a few of them. A study conducted by Dr. Adi Aran (Israeli Neurologist) reported that 61 percent of Austin patients saw an improvement in their symptoms using cannabis. Dr. Adi is one of those early neurologists that recommended cannabis for treating epilepsy.

A different study was published in Nature. According to this study, 34 percent of Austin patients were able to reduce other medications with a daily high CBD intake. Some other studies also claim the positive outcomes of using cannabis for Austin.

However, in America, we are still in the learning phase of how it works. Yet, San Jose 420 doctors firmly believe that autism is related to a dysfunctional endocannabinoid system and hence can be treated with cannabinoids like CBD.

The Future of Cannabis for Autism

Since there is a lack of clinical studies, the mainstream medical community does not advocate medical marijuana as a fruitful treatment for autism. But, we think that the change is likely on the horizon. Numerous new and ongoing studies are on the verge to complete. We are hopeful of getting most of the answers we are looking for. And if everything goes well and studies continue to show the positive upshots, CBD will soon become a recommendable medical treatment for Autism.

For the time being, patients and their families continue to find relief with medical marijuana every day. If you wish to learn more about cannabis treatment or get 420 evaluations in San Jose CA, we can help. Get an appointment today to become a medical marijuana patient in San Jose and live a better quality of life.