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Patients Cite Cannabis Use For Sound Sleep With San Jose 420 Evaluations Online


For many, sleeping is like a drug that helps them to let go of so many worries and stressors. But, what if your drug is not working anymore? It will be like you enter the phase of a toddler that throws tantrums at every said thing.

But, what if we tell, you can get back that “sound sleep” routine using 420 evaluations online in San Jose.

Don’t be confused!

As you would have read many articles online or in papers that cannabis is an excellent sleep inducer. Well, it certainly is true in every sense.

Just take a bit every night and you can sleep like a baby. So, for anyone who is looking to transform their sleep cycle, cannabis can be of help in every way possible. Especially, for patients with poor sleep quality and insomnia who are having issues of falling asleep to a point that it is affecting their ability to function.

Let’s understand how cannabis can be helpful in such situations. But, first, decode the mechanism of the endocannabinoid system and circadian rhythm.

Endocannabinoid System and Body Clock

The endocannabinoid system is known to modulate most of the bodily functions such as immunity, appetite, and metabolism, among others. Along with these functions, it is known to alter the body clock as well. Most of the time it is correlated with the presence of different levels of anandamide — a natural endocannabinoid produced in the body.

It has been seen that levels of anandamide are around 3 times higher when you are awake than before going to sleep. But, various conditions affecting sleep usually disrupt this pattern severely.

How Is Medical Cannabis Beneficial?

Although, research is still limited. But, various preclinical studies and MMJ doctors in San Jose have revealed that the factors that affect its action are-

  • Type of cannabinoid and terpenes
  • Dosage
  • Timing of medication
  • Method of consumption

Let’s get going with the effects of different cannabinoids on sleep.

  • THC

Although, THC is usually considered a controversial ingredient. But, if you are looking for deep comforting sleep, then THC is your savior any day. Regular use of THC helps in decreasing the amount of REM sleep ( Dreaming part of the sleep). Hence, increasing the time you spend on deep sleep.

THC is also shown to decrease the occurrence of nightmares. Hence, considered the best sleep aid in patients with PTSD. Thereby, allowing them to get quality sleep.

  • CBD

CBD for sleep is actually something that can either be helpful or not depending on the situation. When consumed in lower doses, it provides waking abilities, especially for people with narcolepsy issues.

However, at higher doses, they increase total sleep time by decreasing the nighttime waking episodes.

  • Terpenes

There have been cases where even at lower doses of CBD, patients are able to sleep. But, it has been seen that it is due to the presence of a terpene called myrcene which has shown an extremely positive response in patients with Parkinson’s having sleep issues. Even 420 medical doctors in San Jose CA recommend using CBD strains rich in terpene levels for an effective sleep cycle.

So, whether you are dealing with sleep apnea or nightmares, or pain is hampering the quality of your sleep. Go for San Jose 420 evaluations online and get access to the cannabis strains for that lovely sleep that you have been looking for weeks together.