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Medical Marijuana Doctor Share Tips For Checking The Quality of Cannabis Strains


New to cannabis?

Well, it must be confusing what to choose and what to leave.

Medical marijuana doctor suggests looking for the quality of strains before choosing the type of product for your medical condition.

As inferior quality strains will affect your medical condition more than the condition itself.

Here’s a list of pre-requisites that you must look at before buying any cannabis strains.

  • Smell

High-quality strains have a unique aroma. Usually, high-quality buds are known to have a pungent smell because of the presence of terseness.

Just sniff your bud a little and you will know about the quality right away.

  • Color

It is also one of the key elements when it comes to identifying the quality of cannabis. Most of the time, good-quality cannabis buds have different shades of green.

However, other colored buds are also available such as orange, pink-purple, and others.

Medical marijuana doctor asks to stay away from anything that is brown. It can be because they contain mold or contain pesticides.

  • Hair

Pistils or small red, orange, or other colored hairs are another indicators of good quality cannabis buds.

  • Moisture

Usually, good-quality cannabis has a balance of moisture and dryness alike. Anything more than usually should be considered bad-quality.

  • Trim

Cannabis buds are often trimmed. So, look for the buds to be hand-trimmed. If they are trimmed using a sloppy machine, then make sure not to buy such strains.

  • Mold/Pest Infestation

The presence of mold is one of the bad indicators. A medical marijuana doctor suggests if you see any mold or mildew, throw it out immediately.

Pests are another thing that you should look for. If cannabis is not preserved properly, insects like mites, spiders might make nests or webs on your buds. So, don’t such cannabis strains at all.

  • Seeds

Well, that’s probably the first clue if you are looking to grow your cannabis. So, look for the signs that make seeds unproductive or low in quality.

  • Bud structure

Indica strains are known to be dense or tight while Sativas are famous for being fluffy or light.

So, avoid using buds that look airy with an open structure.

  • Loose Particles

Usually, prepackaged cannabis buds have a lot of loose particles known as a shake. Medical marijuana doctors suggest avoiding such packages and going for other cannabis buds.

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But, remember you can only use quality buds for your medical needs. A medical marijuana doctor can help you choose between the good and the bad strains for the best possible results.