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Why Should You Choose Marijuana For Anxiety And Depression?


Millions of the population are under lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic. And things are pretty much the same for Californians as well. It’s a familiar story for everyone out there, and it goes something like this. People are worried about their family, especially if there are aging parents around. Some are worried about work while others are screaming about daily household chores and the fact they are unable to go somewhere to release their frustration or stress. The outbreak is quite overwhelming and is causing a constant overflow of emotions. So, even a medical marijuana doctor is asking everyone to cope with stress and depression to make your community stronger. And nothing can be better than using marijuana for anxiety and depression.

I know the feeling. I have been there myself.

Everyone reacts differently when subjected to a stressful situation. How you respond to this current situation will depend on a lot of factors. However, as per the WHO data shared by many experts, the chances are that older people and people suffering from chronic conditions are at higher risk of developing stressful situations. And the issue is not limited to worrying or fearing for your health. It might also include changes in sleep or eating patterns, or it might result in difficulty sleeping or focusing on important matters. If you feel a sudden rush of emotions off lately, admit it. Don’t try to deny it. That’s how you will start responding to the treatments available out there. Once you start looking for, you start thinking of all the options that you can opt for. For instance, “Should I go for conventional mental health therapies?” or “Should I opt for medical marijuana for anxiety and depression?” While traditional medications might be helpful, cannabis might turn out to be a game-changer for you. Keep reading, and you’ll know for sure

Medical Marijuana For Anxiety And Depression- A Study

A Washington Study worked on finding the relevance concerning the role of cannabis for anxiety and depression. The study suggested that inhaling cannabis could effectively reduce short-term levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. The new attempt is an attempt to access the varying concentrations of two primary cannabinoids and their effect on medical cannabis users. The previous studies used THC in the form of a capsule. This is one of a kind study where scientists will look for the impact of cannabis when inhaled.

About The Study

As per the scientists, the fact that the patients involved in this study can use it from the comfort of their home without any laboratory setting makes it a unique concept. And according to data received, they found that one puff of cannabis rich in CBD and low in THC is optimal for alleviating symptoms of depression. They also found that two puffs of any cannabis strain helped reduce anxiety. Also, ten or more puffs of cannabis high in THC and CBD were effective in handling stressful situations.

The results were quite remarkable, showing that patients inhaling cannabis had an approximately 89 percent reduction in the symptoms of depression. Again, the anxiety and stress symptoms saw a decline in more than 93 percent of sessions. The study also found that the impact of cannabis was perceived better in women as that of men.

Does THC or CBD Varying Ratios Make Any Difference?

The study also compared different strains of cannabis with varying levels of THC and CBD to spot any difference. They found that THC and CBD interact significantly to reduce stress levels. Also, if one uses relatively lower concentrations of THC and higher levels of CBD, one could decrease the levels of depression. However, the ratings changed dramatically while looking at test subjects with stress issues. In that case, one had to use higher THC and lower CBD levels. So, as per this study, medical marijuana for anxiety and depression would be a great idea. Even medical marijuana doctor asks their patients to opt for medical marijuana for relieving any such symptoms during this pandemic outbreak.

But wait, there’s more…

We did talk about a study that confirmed the use of cannabis for anxiety and depression. However, many individuals want to know about its significance in these symptoms separately to understand if it’s a feasible option for the treatment of individual symptoms.

So, let’s find out, “Does marijuana help with anxiety and depression?”

Marijuana For Anxiety

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, anxiety disorders are also seeing a surge in its levels. So, even medical marijuana doctors are suggesting their patients use cannabis for alleviating anxiety or stress disorders. However, the first step to the management of mental health conditions is “to talk about it.” And if you are feeling the heat, going for anxiety medications might pose another round of threat. It’s because such medications have reported cases of overdose deaths. Fortunately, cannabis seems to be a solution to such a crisis. Also, because “medical cannabis” has been deemed as an essential service in the state. Also, as per a study, cannabis is one of the safest products out there. So, you must never worry about safety protocols when ordering your medicine.

Experts found that CBD-rich or dominant products work best for anxiety patients. The experts found that marijuana acts on the endocannabinoid system that triggered serotonin production. And I am sure by now you will have an idea that this particular neurochemical is associated with managing happiness, calmness, and relaxation.

What Does Research Say?

A lot of preclinical or anecdotal data confirms that CBD is beneficial in reducing panic attacks or anxiety symptoms. So, even a medical marijuana doctor shares the same concept. In a research study with 37 test subjects suffering from social anxiety, found that more than nine patients had significant changes in their levels of anxiety. Another study shared the fact that more than 70 percent of the patients were reported to have improved symptoms. So, if you are feeling restless or panicky, grab your favorite cannabis strain and tone down the anxiety levels.

In the case of depression, often treatments offered are not straightforward. In this case, a healthy lifestyle is essential. And guess what, that will help you to strengthen your immune system in times of the global COVID-19 crisis as well. You can opt for traditional psychotherapy to express your emotions while building skills to cope with the ongoing adversity. However, antidepressants alone can’t help with the issues.

Have you wondered how medical marijuana for depression can be a fruitful alternative? Let’s find out.

Medical marijuana is a faster alternative to depressants that will stimulate the ECS and speeds up the growth and development of the nervous tissue. This option naturally allows you to enhance your mood and unwind your worries. It will provide the right energy and focus on relieving anxiety and inducing hunger while combating sleep disorders. Studies confirm that cannabis consumers have lower levels of depressive symptoms. Also, they found that lower doses of THC and higher doses of CBD will help to manage such symptoms easily. Another research scientist concluded that using marijuana for depression will help to restore the natural ECS function. And that will help to stabilize your mood and relieve depression symptoms.

How to Get Medical Marijuana For Anxiety And Depression?

Since the state is under lockdown, so going to see a doctor would be something that no medical marijuana doctor would advise you. However, if you have an ongoing condition and things don’t seem to go in your way, talking to a 420 doctor online would help. This will help you to avoid contracting the virus while keeping others safe. The process is straightforward.

  • Find a reliable online cannabis portal
  • Sign up and fill out the prequalification form.
  • Talk to a doctor via video call
  • If approved, get your medical marijuana card within 10 minutes.

Final Thoughts

COVID- 19 outbreak is making the entire world go crazy. And social distancing and lockdown are making things worse for the ones who are at higher risk for developing any mental health condition. So, using medical marijuana for anxiety and depression can help such individuals to take off some load from their minds. So, talking to a medical marijuana doctor online will help to relieve your stressors while maintaining your social distance. The doctor will help you with queries like “what strains of marijuana are good for anxiety and depression” and “how to use marijuana for your condition?” Just be transparent and information about your current medications, if any.