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Manage These 4 Different Types Of PTSD With Medical Marijuana Card Renewal San Jose


Life is a road that has its crests and troughs. It is hard! I say it from a personal standpoint. One moment you will be thanking God for such happiness and the next may be the moment that could hit you with the worst grief.

One such incident could affect a person adversely. This sometimes leads to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There is a big misconception that PTSD only occurs to Military professionals. But that is not the case. Get ready to be hit by a hard fact. About 70% of the country’s population has suffered from a traumatic event in their lifetime. True!

Because of this, we definitely need to show more concern on the issue. And yes there are various treatments and medications available for a person suffering from the condition, but then there comes medical marijuana.

Where traditional medications falter, medical marijuana triumphs. Those medications actually are very addictive and also produce many side effects. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, is very effective in the treatment of various conditions with no side effects and addiction.

So, What Do You Prefer Medical Marijuana Or Other Medications?

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Here I have 4 types of PTSD that can be treated using the herb

1. Normal Stress Response

Actually, it is not per se a form of PTSD and is also not that damaging. Basically, it is the response of a person in a stressful situation. This happens when a person faces a dangerous element in society like an injury, abandonment, illness, or high moments of stress. A person going facing this condition experiences headache, insomnia, fatigue, mood swings, digestive issues, etc.

The intensity of these symptoms actually depends on the situation’s severity. Medical marijuana could be the perfect solution to this condition. It will help fight the stress and make you a lot calmer and active. Also, people with this condition often resort to alcohol and other drugs, medical marijuana could be the answer to curb this problem as well.

2. Uncomplicated PTSD

This is actually caused by a single traumatic event. Though the person doesn’t suffer from co-occurring conditions but experiences the traumatic event again and again. CBD here is very effective. It helps people get over that traumatic event and provide them with much-needed relief.

3. Comorbid PTSD

This type of PTSD is more complex because it happens in congruence with other forms of mental conditions. It is typically accompanied by anxiety, panic disorders, and alcohol abuse. Medical cannabis has proven to be very beneficial for people suffering from this condition. With medical marijuana, the patient can accompany psychiatric treatment which makes the healing faster and better.

4. Complex PTSD

This is different from acute stress disorder as a traumatic event is a prolonged one. It occurs due to childhood abuse, witnessing a violent death, terrorist attack, traumatic childhood, violence, etc.

Medical cannabis actually helps in improving anxiety, stress, and sleeping patterns. It is proven to be very beneficial for people suffering from the condition.

So, get yourself a medical marijuana card renewal San Jose to access quality medical marijuana strains to fight your PTSD with. The beauty of medical marijuana is that there are a number of strains that one could use for his treatment. Different tastes, different aromas. It is like you are getting medicated with candies.

Additionally, you can also choose the method of consumption. Oh! Medical marijuana is just so good. Smokers can smoke, vapers can vape, eaters can eat, and appliers can apply. Yes, I know there is no word as appliers but then you understood, right? That is what matters.