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Learn These Key Facts Before Getting A Medical Cannabis Card


In recent times, getting a medical card has become easier than ever. You no longer have to stand in long queues or wait for your appointment. All you need instead is a stable internet connection and a screen. And within 10 minutes you’ll be done with your consultation with an MMJ doctor in San Jose and receive your recommendation or card. The tiresome process that people were once hesitant about has been overshadowed by telemedicine. This is why more people have decided to use medical marijuana and apply for a medical card from the comfort of their homes.

Are you one of these people? If yes, then there are some important facts that you must learn about before you sit for your consultation or use your medical card for the first time.

Get Acquainted With The Law Of Your State

Cannabis comes from a past of legal troubles. But thankfully, we have now reached a point in time where cannabis isn’t frowned upon anymore. Its medical potential is known far and wide and is utilized by millions. So starting from 1996, many states in the US started legalizing medical cannabis and by 2016, recreational cannabis was also decriminalized (only in a few states).

But legalization doesn’t mean that you are free to do anything. Every state strictly follows the marijuana laws laid by the state government. So if you are buying, using, or growing cannabis, it has to be according to the laws of the state you live in. These rules are meant to regulate the cannabis culture, whether medical or recreational. In the state of California, the laws decide the limits on how much you can possess at a time, how much you can grow as a medical or recreational cannabis consumer, the legal age for use of cannabis, etc. And if you are applying for a medical card, the government also places some conditions to decide the eligibility of a person for a medical card. So you must take a look at the qualifying conditions of your state before you consider applying for a medical card.

Take Time To Find A Legit Source

When applying for a medical cannabis card, you should be very careful about where you are laying your trust, especially when using telemedicine. As the cannabis industry is progressing, there’s a rise in the number of illegal sources too. Telemedicine is one major area of focus for these people. They try to profit from your needs by pretending to be a legit doctor or clinic. But in reality, they have no authorization or license to provide you a medical card. So what they give you will not be accepted by any authorities.

This is why, before you use telemedicine, be very sure that the clinic or doctor consulting you is legit and that you are talking to a real doctor who is experienced in marijuana. The doctor should have verifiable address proof and the clinic should have a physical location that can also be easily verified. An established history of the source would also add to the legitimacy of a clinic. You can also check the license of the doctor or clinic on the government website. In the state of California, you can verify a license on www.breeze.ca.gov.

In addition to this, the online clinic should have 24/7 customer service and experienced staff only. Once you check these boxes, go ahead and apply for a medical card.

Laws Are Different In Different States

One thing to remember before and after you get a medical card is that each state has its own medical marijuana program. So it goes without saying that the rules that are applicable in one state may not be valid in another. For example, in California, both medical and recreational cannabis is legal. But just across the border in Arizona only medical cannabis is legal. And if we go a little further to Kansas, you’ll find that cannabis is fully illegal.

Laws differ even in-between states that have decriminalized medical cannabis. Take the qualifying conditions for instance. While California is very liberal with the number of illnesses and symptoms that are eligible for a medical card. But in New York, the eligibility criteria are fairly strict. Also, you cannot use non-smokable and edibles in New York. while in California, the variety of products is huge. So if you are one who uses cannabis and also crosses borders frequently, remember to check the laws of the state you are going to in advance.

Learn How To Talk To A Doctor

When you are in consultation with your doctor, remember these points so that you find the best medical solution.

First, be as transparent as you can be. Your doctor needs to access you correctly to be able to give you an effective treatment plan. And that’s only possible if you answer all the questions honestly and be detailed about your medical condition, symptoms, and history. It will make the job easier for the doctor as well as for you.

Second, ask questions if you are doubtful about anything. A consultation is not just a one-way thing. You can always ask them questions if you feel the need. But, be prepared with the right questions like if there will be any side effects, how to use cannabis, or what strain to use.

Lastly, don’t be impatient. Let the doctor examine you properly and give out a line of treatment. And be patients and respectful throughout the process. If you feel unsatisfied, you can always get a second opinion once the consultation ends.

Misuse Of A Medical Card Can Get Your Arrested

It’s true that a medical cannabis card gives you legal protection. You’ll be free to use, buy or grow cannabis without fear of arrest. But not if you don’t abide by the rules set by the government. For example, if you are using your medical card to buy or grow cannabis for others or selling it to people, you will not be pardoned. Also, you are not allowed to drive under the influence of cannabis with or without a medical card. If caught, you will be charged with a DUI.

Another important point to remember is that cannabis isn’t legal in any way or form under federal laws. So technically, you can get arrested. Especially if you are anywhere near an area that’s under federal jurisdiction. For example, the state borders, and air space after an airplane takes off, both are under federal jurisdiction. Though highly uncommon, the probability of an arrest still exists.


Every medical card that has been issued by a legit doctor or clinic is valid only for a duration of one year starting from the date of issuance. So if you wish to continue taking the advantage of a medical card, you will have to renew your medical marijuana card every year. The source that issued you the medical card is the one who usually renews it too. You can also use any legit online clinic too and complete the process within a few minutes.

Did you read all these points thoroughly? Good, now glance through them once again before you finally apply for a medical card.