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Is It Safe to Use Marijuana After Getting a COVID Shot?


It’s been a year since we were all isolated and quarantined while the world slowly turned into a giant prison.

One and half years forward, things have changed for the good.

People have started going back to their normal lives and the government is rushing out vaccines to nip the second wave in the bud.

However, there are certain questions that surround the uncertainties of vaccine shots.

For instance, whether it’s safe to consume marijuana before and after the vaccine dose?

Well, I cannot say if it is safe to mix cannabis and the COVID-19 shot but you should definitely get yourself vaccinated even if you plan on lighting a joint.

After all, getting a vaccination is way more important right now.

Rest assured, there’s no specific evidence indicating that you will suffer from negative side effects.

And the good news is that there are no facts to support cannabis’s role in slowing the effects of COVID shot.

The only, exception, in this case, is alcohol.

Some anecdotal evidence shows that alcohol and vaccine is a bad mix.

So, one should wait for a few weeks before opening a new bottle of whiskey or wine.

Also, if you wish to learn how safe marijuana consumption is for people who have got a vaccine shot or are about to get it, keep reading on.

Stick to Low Cannabis Consumption Habits

If you smock regularly and the dosage limit is quite high, we would suggest you switch to a low dosage routine for a few weeks.

It will help you adapt to the changes happening in your body, and the chances of risk will remain negligible.

In addition to this, it’s also vital to understand that the main purpose of the vaccine is to produce antibodies.

As long as nothing goes against this process, you’re good to treat yourself with herbal and non-harmful substances.

In particular, patients who get medical marijuana in San Jose, California, Colorado, etc. to purchase cannabis for medical treatment.

The only concern here would be consuming marijuana heavily.

We do not have an exact scientific explanation for the same.

However, the formation of weaker antibodies is something we never signed up for.

So, small amounts of cannabis, for both medical and recreational use is your best bet.

More vitally, death due to COVID is still possible.

It doesn’t matter whether you consume marijuana or not.

Tolerance Break Is a Good Idea 

It is an ear of uncertainties. Instead of weighing the pros and cons of marijuana usage, take the road less traveled.

And by that I mean take a tolerance break.

I think this is the right time for you to take a break and focus on healthier things.

Especially, heavy marijuana smokers.

A tolerance break will help you cut back on the supply while you adapt to a new perspective and your body develops healthy antibodies.

As for those who consume cannabis for medical purposes, do not stop your medications altogether, just reduce the dose by a notch.

They should wait or minimize the dose because from a doctor’s point of view vaccine will cause a massive immune response.

With doses as high as 100 milligrams, the body might find it difficult to adjust to the new changes.

Therefore, it’s best to wait out until the vaccine effects wear off, or else, stick to a minimum concentration dose for a few days.

More vitally, see how your body reacts within the first week of vaccine dosage.

It will enable you to analyze what your body needs and what it does not.

Use Your Good Judgement

There are so many people who understand the purpose of vaccination.

Sadly, others, especially marijuana users report being less likely to get the shot.

And here’s why!

Well, to them tolerance break or using less cannabis is similar to derailing from the concept of supporting marijuana in the first place.

In a larger sense, it’s like an anti-vax emotional appeal still lurking in some corners of the cannabis community.

This will eventually lead to drastic results because the purpose of the vaccination is to build strong antibodies.

To say the least, to avoid the sentiments in this kind of situation, it’s best to judge your actions and thoughts.

I mean it’s okay to support the cannabis movement but the sentiment remains pointless if COVID cases keep shooting up.

As citizens, it is our sole responsibility to see that we never face these uncertain times.

Moreover, cannabis equity and legalization will remain a better cause only after your body is ready to fight the virus head-on – Vaccination!

So, first, get vaccinated, and always remember to trust your judgments.

What About Using Marijuana Before Vaccination?

There is a broad parameter to this question.

That parameter is judged on the basis of two factors.

First, the time period of marijuana consumption, and second, is the purpose.

If your purpose is medical, take advice from your doctor.

For instance, patients who get medical marijuana in San Jose can get in touch with the doctor who recommended cannabis use in the first place.

For recreational users, the answer is not that simple.

You have to be vigilant about marijuana intake a few days before and after the vaccination.

You can either, skip a few days before the shot or wait another week to allow your body to develop antigens.

This way you will be able to enjoy a nice session once your body feels like it’s ready to take on the world.

Final Thoughts

Getting vaccinated is not an option, but you should set it as your priority.

So, that things can fall in place for your family, friends, and cannabis-consuming routines.

As for scientific data and concrete evidence, doctors still do not have enough evidence to support the hypothesis of whether marijuana is safe or not.

We suggest that you be on the safer side and choose to use marijuana a few weeks after you get your vaccine shot.