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Marijuana and Meditation: Best Practices for Mindfulness


Meditation means letting go of the unnecessary baggage, keeping the pre-rehearsed narratives and dialogues aside, and connecting with tranquility. In order to achieve peaceful moments through meditation, you have to practice, concentrate, and keep your mind calm. Seems easy, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as weaving these words into sentences. Meditation requires a lot of dedication, motivation, discipline, and time.

If you seek a headspace that naturally opens to positivity try consuming good-quality cannabis before a meditation session. Cannabis can be a perfect companion for mediation and yoga. And it can be really good for people who cannot let go of their thoughts. The ghosts from the past constantly tap into their brain or else an ever-flowing stream of thoughts gushes down their mind until they give up and say it’s not easy to control the mind. While it’s easy to get stuck inside a whirlpool of thoughts, here’s one magic herb that can help you focus. In this post, we will talk about how cannabis combined with meditation techniques can benefit you. Most vitally, a guide that will change you from a meditation newbie to a patience and relaxation expert.

Cannabis for Mindfulness 

According to a medical marijuana doctor, working with cannabis and using cannabis for recreational purposes are two different things. When an individual consumes cannabis for recreational purposes, he or she is not mindful of the plant’s potential. They use it for simple reasons – either relaxation or to dive inside a world that is far away from reality. In contrast, when you use cannabis with care and intention, you consciously decide to focus on tranquility and awareness while under the influence of the herb. This way you allow yourself to submerge into a deeper consciousness while letting off the baggage that holds you back from recognizing your greatest potential. Not only this, but cannabis combined with meditation also unveils an ability to integrate and embrace thoughts that suppress our mindset.

What Should You Do?

We suggest that you should start simple and go slow. Using the plant with care is what you need to learn first. And by care, we mean a dose that helps you focus and a strain that does not cause excessive psychoactive effects. So, start with a small dose and eat before you consume cannabis because the effect of THC can be really powerful on an empty stomach. Also, ensure that you do not consume strain that instantly turns you into a couch-locked person. You need something that will help you focus and concentrate while relaxing your mind and body.

In addition to this, try to stay positive and harmonize your thoughts. Meditation works best when you put in some effort. If you constantly badger yourself while meditating, the process will go down the drain. Instead, you can give a day or two, sleep things off and then get back to medicating with cannabis. A super grounded and clear headspace will enable you to enjoy the tranquil experience.

What’s More?

Be cautious about excess use and do not allow yourself to become dependent. If you start depending on cannabis for relaxation and peace, the long-term effects can be aggressively stimulative. So, you have to ensure that you do not use cannabis every time you meditate. You can combine cannabis when you have a hard time focusing and practice without cannabis when you get the knack of meditation. After all, meditation is all about maintaining the balance of the mind and body.

Also, choose your poison carefully. Simply put, you can choose to light up cannabis or eat an edible before sitting down for meditation. Either way, cannabis will help you focus and relax at the same time. Often we have seen people choosing a hybrid strain for the purpose of meditation. For instance, a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 will enable you to relax without sending you into the dreamland. Moreover, strain varies on a large scale. So, experimenting with different strains is the right way to discover which combination works best for your meditative experience. If you need help get in touch with a medical marijuana doctor.

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Pairing Gazing Meditation and Cannabis 

Gazing meditation means you have to focus on a subject or object in order to sharpen your focus and achieve some clarity of thought. The focus allows an individual to dismiss wavering thoughts. This, in turn, slowly and steadily paves a way for clarity and a tranquil mind. As far as the object is concerned, you can choose anything of your likeness. For example, a view that helps you feel calm, a lighted candle, or else a mandala.

Next, pick a strain that invigorates your mind while helping you stay calm. This will help you achieve mental clarity and tranquility in a short span of time. Once you are settled and prepared, sit across from the object in a comfortable position. With the object in front of you, take a good look at the object first and observe each and every detail. The way that candle flame flickers, wavers due to a slight breeze, or grows long after a few seconds of lighting up. Breathe while you focus on the tiny details and then allow the image to wash everything unnecessary from your mind.

While you gaze, make sure that you do not strain your eyes. Keep blinking and let the image sink deep within. Once you feel your focus on the candle alone and no thoughts surround your mind, allow yourself to breathe slowly. Now, gradually move deeper towards the object without focusing on the thought of doing it at all. Lastly, gaze until your mind is completely still and tranquil sensations are all that you can feel.

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Pairing Deep Breathing and Cannabis 

Deep breathing is an exercise or a meditation practice that we all do when things go haywire. Deep breathing allows us to stay calm and motivated to focus on the optimistic part of life. By controlling our breath we can not only control deep anguish but we can also get rid of the thoughts that are causing that emotion to stir in the first place.

We are sure that deep breathing according to you is as easy as a, b, c. However, capitalizing on the motion of breathing into meditation requires a lot of patience, practice, and a cannabis strain with relaxing effects. As mentioned earlier, you can select the strain based on your experience to stay relaxed and alert during the meditation process.

To begin with, sit in a comfortable position and keep your back straight at all times. Relax your shoulders, body, and let all the tension and baggage out of your body. Next, exhale and inhale slowly while concentrating on the sound and movement of your breath. Then take a long deep breath and exhale. Do that for a few minutes and then move on to repeat the breathing pattern. The only thing that you have to keep in mind while breathing is filling your chest cavity with air.

During exhalation, pause a bit, hold your breath, and then exhale slowly. Take another pause after getting the air out of your lungs and repeat the process for at least five minutes. As you breathe, try to focus and concentrate on the calm within your mind. You can do the same by gradually allowing your mind to get rid of all the negative thoughts.