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How Does Medical Marijuana Help in the Treatment of Glaucoma?


Glaucoma is a health condition that is known to cause a lot of optic nerve damage in the eyes of the patients. In fact, this problem is actually the leading cause of blindness in US citizens. About 9% to 12% of all blind people from the United States have been diagnosed with this severe eye issue.

There are ways to, of course, nip this disease in the bud. However, despite the existing traditional forms of medication there is no guarantee of them always working out for the patients. This is why patients with an MMJ recommendation often wish to seek out ways to use the 420 solutions to treat the symptoms of this disorder.

It is indeed one of the most dangerous eye conditions if left untreated for long, as it can lead to either full or partial blindness in patients. Hence deliberating upon the possibility of medical cannabis working towards reducing the symptoms of Glaucoma is a much-appreciated initiative. Let’s explore the possibility in detail.

Glaucoma and Its Existing Treatment Options 

As already mentioned above, Glaucoma is an eye condition that is caused by excessive intraocular pressure (IOP) in the eyes of the patient. This pressure is known to cause severe damage to the optic nerve, resulting in visual impairment or permanent loss of vision in the patients.

Some of the existing treatment methods for this eye disorder include:

  • Oral Medicines prescribed by the Doctor
  • Special Eye Drops
  • In severe cases, Laser Eye Treatment or Surgery

Apart from these traditional methods of treatment, there is not much else for the patient to do. This medical emergency renders the patient helpless if these traditional methods don’t work out for them. This is why searching for better and more enhanced ways of treatment for this disorder is not an option anymore but a deep requirement.

Glaucoma Symptoms That Can Be Treated With Medical Marijuana

Glaucoma typically increases the intraocular pressure in the eyes of the patients. The most important benefit of consuming marijuana is that it can successfully decrease IOP, as per many reliable studies. When the most obvious symptom of Glaucoma is being controlled and curbed with the consumption of the 420 solutions, you would be a fool to not try it out.

In addition to this, marijuana is a completely natural form of therapy with zero to significantly fewer side effects as compared to the opioid medication that is often suggested by doctors. Even after that, if the medicines don’t work well for the patients, there is no alternative form of treatment except for medical marijuana.

Despite the potential of medical cannabis in the treatment of this eye condition, it would be in the best interest of the patient to first consult a doctor and then only start this holistic process. Starting with a small dosage is also something that will only help the patient in their journey.

The most common symptoms of glaucoma like pain and inflammation can definitely be rectified with the help of cannabis. Also there are certain special strains that can be smoked by the patients of Glaucoma that will further aid them in their recovery. Let us share a list of such strains for the benefit of the patient.

Top Cannabis Strains for Glaucoma

Since the effects of smoking a strain are immediate and last for a good 4 to 5 hours, Glaucoma patients can incorporate them into their lives quite easily. For serious patients who are in pain at all times, it might prove to be difficult to keep up with the needs of their bodies.

Hence to maintain a good smoking schedule, the patients should know some of these special strains that give long-lasting effects while also not leading to the stage of addiction.


This Indica-dominant cannabis strain is super special. Skunk+ is a hybrid made by the combination of two of the most impressive strains, one the original Skunk and the second the Black Domina. This strain has quite a potent aroma all throughout its stages of growth, which is why it should be grown in proper conditions and smoked in personal spaces only. The major terpenes of this strain like pinene, myrcene and caryophyllene make sure that no intraocular pressure is felt by the patient.


One of the most effective strains of all time, Harlequin is also recognized for its potential of lowering down the IOP for patients suffering from Glaucoma. Since this strain has a high CBD content, it for sure does not let the patient feel any of the psychoactive effects that the THC high strains are sure to give.

Smoking this relaxing and soothing strain is highly beneficial for Glaucoma patients as well as for the ones suffering from anxiety or such.

OG Kush

Another Indica-dominant strain to feature in this list and one of the most trusted and reliable oldest strains out in the market right now is OG kush. The extremely tangy and strong taste of this strain is easily identifiable for patients who often make use of this marijuana strain to get rid of the symptoms of severe disorders, of which Glaucoma is one.

The discomfort and painful symptoms will leave the body of the patients with each puff of this strain.


Chocolope is a hybrid strain made by the successful combination of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. Being Sativa dominant, this strain refreshes the patient, making them taste the goodness of coffee and chocolate on the tip of their tongues. It is one of the strongest strains out there which is why the patient must exercise proper caution and care while using it to treat their symptoms.

Also, the patient should suggestively consume this strain during the morning hours to begin their day, painless and reenergized.


The last strain in this list is Painkiller. The rather tangy and sour taste of this strain makes it a favorable choice for the patients. With almost similar levels of CBD and THC ratio in this strain, it is often used for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. Even the patients suffering from Glaucoma can then use it to tend to the severe symptoms afflicting their bodies.

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Final Thoughts

After elaborating on the possibilities of medical marijuana being helpful in the treatment of many disorders, even one as serious as Glaucoma, it would be criminal not to make use of this information wisely. What matters, however, is whether the patient has deliberated this solution with their doctor or not.