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Fake or Fact? Medical Marijuana Edition


Medical marijuana became a huge part of our society very quickly. Today, we have people all across the globe ready to embrace the medical potential of the herb. The United States has been one of the many countries to show a progressive attitude towards the herb.

So, if you are a citizen of America hoping to try medical marijuana, there are a few things you must know before applying for medical marijuana card San Jose.

Even today, medical marijuana has to bear the burden of stereotypes that once categorized it as a taboo. As a result, the internet is filled with information that may or may not be correct. So, here’s an effort to make the distinction between fake information and facts more clear to you and every medical patient who is seeking a health solution in cannabis.

‘You Don’t Need a Medical Marijuana Card in a Recreational State’

It makes sense that people would take this statement as a fact considering that in a recreational state anybody of legal age can access cannabis without any legal complications. However, does this mean medical patients do not need a medical card? Not really.

If you are a medical patient suffering from severe issues, then you do need a medical marijuana card even in a recreational state. That’s because using cannabis for medical reasons needs supervision and professional guidance in comparison to using it recreationally.

Additionally, having a medical marijuana card in San Jose offers exclusive advantages such as tax exemptions, higher possession limits, etc.

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‘Young Patients Cannot Use Medical Marijuana’

Totally not true.

As per the law, the legal age to use medical marijuana is 18 years and older. However, there are exceptions for minor patients too.

Anyone below the age of 18 years can use medical marijuana provided they have a legal caregiver and a recommendation by a licensed doctor.

Now, you may ask why are minors allowed to use cannabis? That’s because cannabis holds the medical potential to be therapeutic for several medical conditions. And in the case of some debilitating conditions, cannabis can be a better solution than pharmaceuticals. This is why minors with debilitating conditions are often recommended to use medical cannabis if no other treatment works for their health problem.

‘Medical Cannabis Does Not Show Up on a Drug Test’

As much as you may want this to be true, the fact remains that medical cannabis does show up on a drug test.

Drug tests are designed to test the intoxicating compound of cannabis called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This cannabinoid also stays in your system for a couple of days depending on certain factors like the concentration of THC consumed, metabolism, etc. So, there is no way to cheat a drug test if you are a medical cannabis consumer.

If you wish to be clear on a drug test, the best option is to switch to broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate.

‘Medical Marijuana Gives You a High’

There is no straightforward yes or no response to this statement.

Cannabis contains THC which binds to your CB receptors and can affect the important body and brain functions and lead to intoxication. So, if you are a medical patient using high THC strains, you may experience a psychedelic feeling. However, with some strains, you can also feel intoxicated if the THC content is low. This happens because of the entourage effect which is the synergistic effects of all the components in cannabis.

But, in most cases of medical marijuana use, the high is not prominent because of the dose control. Since the purpose of using cannabis for medical conditions is achieved with a low and precise dose, a high is generally not a side effect.

‘Medical Marijuana Causes Addiction’

The most important thing about using medical marijuana is proper dosing. The herb is supposed to be used in specific amounts as per medical needs. So, getting addicted to marijuana with the proper dose is highly unlikely.

In fact, it is safer than opioids and is often used as a means to get rid of opioid addiction.

However, if you are not careful about a proper dose and let yourself loose with cannabis, you may end up with dependence and withdrawal symptoms.

‘Anybody Can Use Medical Marijuana’

Can anybody use cannabis for medical reasons? No.

In matters of health and wellness, it’s very important to consult a doctor or a professional before indulging in cannabis. Why? Because cannabis does not work in the same way for everyone. For instance, a high dose may be good for a person suffering from chronic pain but for someone with severe anxiety, a high dose can worsen the situation.

Additionally, you need to be suffering from a medical condition approved by the state for medical marijuana use. Some of these qualifying conditions include issues like PTSD, cancer, glaucoma, anxiety, epilepsy and chronic pain.

So, only people who are qualified by a licensed physician and have their written recommendation are legally allowed to use medical marijuana.

Did any of these facts blow your mind? If yes then don’t forget to spread the word to let others understand the difference between fake information and fact.