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Everything You Need to Know About CBD Topicals


CBD comes with no limits. While the cannabinoid is not new or newly found in any sense, the wide range of products being put out has something to do with its legalization just a few years ago. In other words, while the cannabinoid in itself isn’t novel, the products that are entering the market on a daily basis sure are. The different types of products you can get your hands on after receiving a recommendation from medical marijuana doctors keep on increasing by the day.

From gummies to oils, whole flowers to topicals, there are new products, variants and potencies that companies are eagerly experimenting with.

When it comes to topicals, particularly, you’ll find everything from massage oils to moisturizing serums and more. Before you get caught up in the wide range of products available, let’s get their basics down.

Types of CBD Topicals

It is crucial to remember that topicals are not meant to be consumed but applied directly onto the skin. These are formulated to provide targeted relief rather than an overall euphoric or entourage effect.


You can find a variety of CBD oils, some to be consumed, others to be applied. Some with THC, some with other cannabinoids and others with pure CBD. CBD topical oils are a great way to unwind after a stressful day. You can use this oil to massage sore areas of the body and allow the effects to take over.

These oils are often combined with other essential oils or fragrances to add sensory pleasure to the experience. Added oils like peppermint or eucalyptus have their own associated benefits.


CBD Balms and Salves

CBD balms, salves and ointments are another great way of delivering CBD to aching joints and stiff muscles. Unlike oils, ointments and salves have a thicker consistency, making them stay on the skin for longer. With CBD topicals, the longer a product takes to get completely absorbed into the skin determines how long the effects will last.

With ointments and salves this duration is longer than oils and creams. The waxy and oil consistency of these products slows down their absorption.

CBD Lotions and Creams

Lotions and creams are the fastest absorbing CBD products. These work great for targeted relief, just like oils and salves but their effects aren’t long-lasting. These might benefit consumers looking for short-term relief or those who don’t mind regular reapplication.

CBD Skin Care

The skincare industry never ceases to amaze us, incorporating every new ingredient in the market into some form of beauty product. A lot of the time this seems to go haywire, (remember charcoal face masks that are no less than waxing strips) but this experiment hit right at the spot.

CBD products have actually proven to be beneficial for skin disorders and diseases like acne, eczema, psoriasis and other inflammations that occur on the skin. You can find a wide range of CBD skincare products like face washes, serums, moisturizers, face masks, hair care products and more.

CBD Transdermal Patches

Out of all prevailing CBD products, transdermal patches are the only topicals that can actually lead to more than targeted relief. Transdermal patches can deliver CBD directly into the bloodstream, leading to an overall relief, euphoria or an entourage effect.

These work best for long-term relief as the longer you keep the patch on your skin, the longer you will retain its benefits.

Don’t forget, these patches not only deliver the CBD into the bloodstream but also other cannabinoids present. If your patch has a high concentration of THC, you might experience a high.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Topicals

With the different variants of CBD topicals available, some confusion is understandable. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to answer some frequently asked questions about CBD topicals.

Can CBD be Absorbed in the Skin?

CBD can be absorbed in the skin. However, as topicals get absorbed in the skin their effectiveness reduces. Unlike other CBD products like edibles or tinctures that deliver CBD into the bloodstream, CBD topicals only work on the surface. It is only in the case of transdermal patches that CBD and other cannabinoids are delivered into the bloodstream.

Can I Rub CBD on My Skin for Pain?

Yes, you can rub CBD on your skin for pain relief. CBD oils, balms, salves, ointments, lotions and creams are different topicals that work best for targeted relief.

Does CBD Topical Make You Sleepy?

Most CBD topicals do not reach the bloodstream and thus cannot have a direct effect on your sleep cycle. However, the targeted relief from chronic pain or inflammation might lead to relaxation that helps you sleep better. At the same time, the added essential oils and fragrances or the already present terpenes might help improve the quality of your sleep.

Does CBD Cream Show in a Drug Test?

No, CBD topicals like creams do not show up in drug tests. This is so because topicals only work on the surface and get absorbed into the skin, not the bloodstream. Since the cannabinoids cannot be delivered into the bloodstream, chances of it showing up in a drug test are minimal.

If you’re using a transdermal patch to enjoy the benefits of CBD or THC, it will show up on a drug test. You can consult medical marijuana doctors before purchasing a CBD product if you have a drug test coming.

How Long Does it Take for CBD Cream to Show Effect?

A CBD cream can take somewhere between 15 minutes to 45 minutes to show effect. Depending on the product being used, the effects can be short-lived or last longer. Since ointments, salves and balms have the tickets consistency, their effects last the longest. These are followed by oils and finally by lotions and creams.

Ending Words

CBD topicals are a good way to deliver the benefits of CBD for targeted relief. These work best if you’re trying to avoid consuming CBD due to the fear of interaction with medications or do not want to experience an overall CBD experience. Medical marijuana doctors can recommend different potencies and different types of topicals depending on the type of effect a patient wants.