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Cannabis Strains Can Help Ease Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease


Marijuana in any form is still illegal as per federal regulations. But, medical use of cannabis is legal in the majority of US states. By getting a rec letter from an MMJ doctor, you can legally buy flowers, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, etc.

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When you consume cannabis, its cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system, thus regulating mood, memory, appetite, sleep, etc. Marijuana can help reduce inflammation, anxiety, etc., thus treating Alzheimer’s disease. It’s necessary to note that different strains have different medicinal properties. Let’s discuss the top strains that are effective in managing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

OG Kush

A high-THC strain that is popular for delivering ultimate calming, uplifting effects. This strain is effective in fighting chronic pain, inflammation, and sleep problems. Different flavors of OG Kush are—citrus, lime, spicy, and lemon.

OG Kush has a piney, earthy, and woody aroma. Its leaves are classic yellow-green sugar in color with orange pistils. The buds are coated with crystalline trichomes.

This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors. The flowering period is 8-9 weeks. OG Kush requires plenty of water and a hot, tropical climate. It’s usually cultivated in Southern California. Growers can expect up to 18 ounces of marijuana per plant.

Purple Kush

It’s an amazing night-time medicine, which promotes full-body relaxation and delivers lasting effects. The medicinal properties of Purple Kush can help ease anxiety and depression. Additionally, by using this strain, patients can easily relieve tensions and mood swings associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Purple Kush has dense buds and purple leaves. It is a potent strain (THC levels of 22 percent while CBD content is 0.1 percent). So, beginners should be careful when using Purple Kush.

For growers—Purple Kush requires full sun and the flowering period is 8 weeks. When grown outdoors, it can produce around 9 ounces per plant. Before cultivating this strain, make sure you have an MMJ doctor signed rec letter.

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Green Crack

Green Crack is an amazing Sativa-dominant strain with THC levels of 21 percent. When you consume this strain, you will feel better while dealing with all your tensions. It has a citrus flavor and can help you increase energy levels.

If you are feeling low in the morning, consume this strain and your mood gets boosted instantly. It works for anxiety, depression, and stress. It’s important to note that Green Crack also boosts appetite, so before using it, make sure you have your eatables.

You can grow this strain both indoors and outdoors. When grown indoors, it takes about 7-9 weeks to flower, and the average yield is around 20 ounces per plant.


Alzheimer’s patients often experience sleep problems. And, Skywalker is the perfect strain for boosting sleep. Many users agree that this strain makes them feel good, and have a good night’s sleep. Other benefits include pain management and appetite boost. Please note Skywalker contains high levels of THC, so you should be careful with the dosage.

Skywalker has a sweet strawberry taste. It has sage green buds with an elegant appearance. Whether growing indoors or outdoors, keep the temperature between 68 and 80 degrees F. It’s resistant to mold & mildew, thus making it a great choice for first-time growers. Flowering time is 8-9 weeks and yield is up to 18 ounces per plant.

The Ox

It’s a high-CBD strain with ultimate anti-inflammatory properties. The strain is also effective in managing pain, anxiety, and insomnia. In The Ox, THC levels are also high (15-20 percent), so it can deliver mild-high effects. When you smoke this strain, you will get a fruity taste.

The Ox is packed with relaxation properties and is perfect to enjoy in the afternoon and evening. For growing, the daytime temperature needs to be between 70 and 80 degrees F. Flowering time is 9-10 weeks.

Key Takeaways

Top strains for fighting Alzheimer’s disease are—OG Kush, Skywalker, The Ox, Purple Kush, and Green Crack. Each strain contains different levels of cannabinoids and delivers different effects. So, always start with a low dose and note the effects of each strain on your body and mind. You can also try different consumption methods to make the right decision.

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