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How to Battle a Bad High in Quarantine? Let’s Help You Unwind!


Quarantine has got everyone stressed. Most people use cannabis to relax and chill but it’s also a time people are using it to battle anxiety. Panic attacks and episodes of depression are getting pretty common. Now, in the middle of this, you ingest a potent high THC strain, you can experience euphoric effects that can make your COVID-19 anxiety worse. If you have a Cannabis Card in San Jose, you are possibly using it to manage your health but a bad high can change everything.

What are the Symptoms of a Bad High?

A bad high usually comes with symptoms such as anxiety, dry mouth, and a racing heart. Analyzing normal life situations becomes hard. You tend to zone out and it’s an unpleasant feeling. This usually happens you take cannabis more than tolerance levels. Every person has a unique tendency to handle the high of cannabis. When you step out of your zone, you are bound to feel the adverse effects. You must have heard people saying that a lot depends on the surroundings and environment. Presently, in the middle of this pandemic, anxiety is spoiling things for everyone. People are dosing irresponsibly and feeling the adverse effects. THC does well for your body if you take it to the right limits. If you overdo it, you are bound to feel the adverse effects.

How to Handle a Bad High?

There are various ways to ease down your unpleasant high. Some are mentioned below:

Interact with Your Pet

Pets are adorable, aren’t they? Absolutely, there is no doubt about that. They are adorable, affectionate, and their presence can bring a positive change in your mood Whether you are going through a rough day or emotional instability, seeing the cheerful face of your pet can bring an instant change. The same applies to an unpleasant high. If you have a pet, spend time with them and let them pamper you with some affection. You can play some fun games or cuddle. It can distract you from the bad high and infuse your body with fresh energy. You’ll feel a positive vibe spreading across your body and you’ll eventually relax.

Talk to Someone

While practicing social distancing, it might not be possible to meet someone in person but you can always reach your friends through voice or video calls. You can just text them and tell them how you are feeling. Sharing helps a lot. It drains your mind off the unnecessary burden. If you are at home, you can talk to your family. You can choose to bond with someone in your family and hold their hand for affection. This really helps and makes you realize that this unpleasant feeling is not meant to last long. It’s just a temporary phase that will vanish soon. Within a span of time, you will feel your high subside and things will get back to normal.

Distract your Mind

Whether it’s watching TV, listening to music or gaming, just do something that gets your mind off the unpleasant high. The more you think about it, the worse it will get. You need to invest your thoughts on something good. Music works great for most people, it gets the mind of the stressful thoughts and helps you calm down. If you have a board game, get someone in your house to play with you. All these activities will load you with calming thoughts and divert your mind from the feeling of a high. Your mind works in mysterious ways. The more you think about something, the more dominating it gets. So you need to replace those thoughts with something soothing.

Dose Responsibly

To avoid the possibility of a bad high, you should dose according to your tolerance. Most people try to imitate others, which is not a good practice. You might be a beginner while the other person might be a pro at it. So, the amount of cannabis that will get you high would definitely be different. Each person has its own metabolism that makes the difference in the kind of effects you feel. Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress, you should not ingest cannabis in excess. Know your limits and take a dose that helps you relax. A good way to do that is by starting with a low dose. You need to figure out a dose that works for you. So, gradually increase the dose until you hit your sweet spot. Stick to that dose for maximum effectiveness. If you have a health condition, you cannot afford to play be careless. Dose responsibly and avoid any adverse effects. Instead, it’s better to contact a 420 clinic and get a cannabis card in San Jose.

Take the Right Dose to Unwind in Quarantine

With all this talk about a bad high, it’s important that we follow a strategy that works for us. Cannabis is loaded with beneficial properties that make it an ideal partner in quarantine. But you should exploit the benefits in the right manner. It works as a great relaxant that can help you relax and keep you in a good mood. When you are happy, you can complete your daily tasks with more energy and jest. The herb removes mental friction and helps you unwind properly. For that, you need to take cannabis in the right amount. Neither too less nor in excess. Just the perfect amount for your therapy. If you are confused about the dose that you should take, it’s a good idea to take the doctor’s help.

They have the necessary expertise to suggest the right dose for your health. If you are not sure about the right delivery method, the doctor can outline the benefits of each method and help you make an informed choice. You can take the advice and act on it to take an effective dose of cannabis. With the right amount of cannabis, you will function better, and handling the stress of quarantine will be much easier for you. Microdosing is pretty popular these days and you can try that too.

Having a bad high is not rare. Everyone goes through it at some point in time. It’s always a learning experience when you face something challenging. With the remedies described above, you can surely calm your intense high and feel better while in quarantine. These days of the pandemic are surely challenging but you need to keep your head up and stay positive. Cannabis can load you with good thoughts and provide you with the therapy you need. If you are planning to use the herb for your health, you can get a cannabis card in San Jose and earn the right to purchase cannabis freely. With access to good quality cannabis, you can indulge in a relaxing high and make this phase a breeze.