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Depression? Here’s How A 420 Medical Doctor In San Jose Will Fix It


Most of us are chained to depression in ways unimaginable. One day a drop of anger may trickle in and on others, a wave of sadness will wash your mind. The process goes on and on until you find solace within. But, it’s like asking the north pole to come and visit the south pole. Obviously, that will never happen. And just like that depression will be ready to knock you down.

Eventually, the entirety of this situation demands fixation. Not temporarily, but permanent!

So what are the remedies that can act as a silver lining? Medicines that come in fancy packings or spiritual aspects of meditation?

Countless scientific minds have evaluated the theory behind depression. One of the theories states that medical marijuana has sedative properties, making it a popular choice for treating depression.

But that doesn’t mean you start self-medicating. Consult a 420 medical doctor in San Jose, get a medical marijuana card, and then treat your depression.

How Medical Marijuana Affects Our Brain?

Cannabidiol is one vital component found in the plant. It is non-psychoactive in nature, so the chances of producing a high are next to impossible. Now, cannabinoids from this plant bind with the protein receptors in our brain. They instantly attach themselves to the receptors and act accordingly.

Some of these actions are as follows:

Decreases inflammation

Neuroinflammation plays a major role here. Inflammation can occur due to a range of issues. From depression to anxiety, memory trouble, fatigue, and epilepsy, these problems can cause the brain to behave differently.

CBD can alleviate depression-related symptoms by reducing the level of enlargement in the brain. Therefore it will indirectly keep a check on the functioning of the cerebral system.

Acts as a shield against oxidative damage

The cycle of producing free radicals while sleeping, playing, eating or working is natural. But an excessive production of radicals can cause brain damage.

Fear, anxiety, and stress are contributing factors for manufacturing free radicals. These factors are precisely some of those conditions that can be found in a depressed individual. But CBD has antioxidant properties and antioxidant is the only key that can unlock the solution to this problem.

Interacts with neurotransmitters

The messengers that pass information to every part of the body are termed as neurotransmitters. In not so scientific language, it simply means that the brain will order one of its trusted subjects to create a stabilized system. Causing the heart to beat and the skin to feel.

In addition to this, neurotransmitters will also affect your mood and level of concentration. Stress due to depression can distort the levels, Eventually, when imbalanced, they will make you dance to their tune.

In various studies, it has been found that CBD is responsible for increasing the level of neurotransmitters without alteration. So, finally when CBD interacts with a specific transmitter known as Serotonin in the brain. It relieves an individual of mood swings and irritability.

Keeps the brain healthy

With increasing age, people find it toilsome to recollect memories. The chances are that the brain cells are slowly deteriorating. Therefore, it is paramount to keep the brain and body fit as you age.

Brain aging is equivalent to neurogenesis.  In this condition, the brain will stop producing new brain cells. In turn, all your memories will fade away with time. But CBD, when infused with the receptors in the brain, will help increase the process of neurogenesis.

In terms of depression, it is vital to keep the brain healthy. So, if you think CBD can also improve your brain healthy, try recommending a 420 medical doctor in San Jose.

Can Medical Marijuana Treat Depression?

Depression is directly proportional to an unhealthy brain. This involves irritation, sadness, mood swings, and many other chemical imbalances. Looking at all the effects marijuana has on the brain we can partially say that CBD will help keep the activities of the brain in check. Manage all the after-effects of depression with CBD but remember the effects of medical cannabis varies from person to person.

On the other hand, THC has the ability to produce a high. Hence, the sedative properties will help an individual experience relaxation. Also, a few years ago, the food and drug administration approved of its usage. Subsequently, CBD treats conditions like anxiety and panic attacks – near cousins of the depression family.

Coming out of the dark places like one that depression holds in your life can be challenging. There are many modern and conventional methods out there. It depends, what you chose to treat your condition. To learn how medical marijuana can treat depression ask a 420 medical doctor in San Jose. Because only a medical professional will be able to guide you in the right direction.