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8 Things You Should Expect From A Cannabis High


When someone is finally ready to take a leap and put complete faith in cannabis, certain questions constantly haunt the mind. For instance, what does a cannabis high feel like? Will my body respond well to cannabis? How much cannabis should I consume? So on and so forth. Before we get into the nitty and gritty of finding answers to these questions. We would like to congratulate you and officially welcome you to the cannabis community. Next, let us help you find answers to some of the questions you should know as a first-time cannabis user. Here is a list of 8 things you need to keep in mind before consuming cannabis.

Be Prepared For Unexpected Results

Anything can happen when you consume cannabis for the first time. Particularly when you seek recreational benefits out of the cannabis flower. You see, medical cannabis patients are less likely to go through the process of unexpected results. First, they get online 420 evaluations and take advice from the doctor. Second, medical patients are largely looking forward to alleviating the symptoms of certain medical conditions. Third, they are fully aware of the dose that can help them get relief from pain. Unfortunately, recreational users, especially first-time users will experience an array of emotions. While others will simply feel nothing. So, you should be prepared for the worst.

The first time I ate cannabis edibles, I did not experience anything for the first 6 hours. Maybe I did not eat enough or my digestion process was slow. Well, in the case of edibles, it’s difficult to determine the time-lapse. However, once the high sets in you will definitely feel relaxed. And I have heard my friends saying that I did not feel anything when I consumed marijuana for the first time. But don’t let the disappointment set in. You can try again and see what went wrong. Maybe the dose was too small or you missed out on some technical details.

Make Sure You Inhaled Properly

It’s important to inhale properly while taking cannabis in the form of smoke. Although, more and more people are switching to different forms of consumption. All thanks to the pandemic. Recent reports show that smoking during a pandemic can cause a lot of trouble. And it’s a given because you need your lungs to fight the coronavirus. Not only this, but smokers are at high risk of falling severely ill after contraction. So, we advise that you choose some different forms of consumption until the situation subsides. That said, let us look at the different facets of smoking cannabis.

First-time cannabis users need to keep in mind that inhaling the psychoactive component properly will help you say – yes, It was euphoric. If you do not inhale properly, you will yet again feel nothing. Also, once your body’s receptors meet THC, the interaction will cause a chemical reaction enabling you to feel happy and calm. All in all, let the smoke reach your lungs for the first time for better experiences.

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Stay Hydrated 

Take this tip seriously. Hydration is vital for any cannabis user because one of the major side effects of THC is dry mouth. Of course, you won’t feel the effects as soon as you start consuming cannabis. These effects appear only after you’ve had a couple of sessions. In fact, if you don’t hydrate at all you will wake up feeling completely dehydrated the next morning. So, make sure you drink plenty of water after and before consuming the cannabis flower or any other product.

Choose Your Poison Carefully 

It’s vital to learn what you are getting yourself into. Particularly when you are a first-time cannabis user. For experienced users the concept of getting high, the dosing guide, type of product, and THC: CBD ratio is quite clear. However, for you selecting the products becomes an essential step. Now, there are several cannabis products out there. Some of them are rich in CBD while others have optimum quantities of THC and other cannabinoids. The only exception is that in this case, you need to buy a product rich in THC.

For the same, look for dispensaries or trustworthy cannabis stores. Do not buy cannabis from an unknown source. Make sure that you talk to the budtender and ask him questions like how much THC does this flower contain? This will help you understand the analogy of a flower. And the good news is you can take a guided dose per serving of the flower or bud.

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Surround Yourself With Comfort

If you are experiencing a cannabis high for the first time, you probably don’t know that you will eventually fall asleep. Don’t even think that the concerned product will keep you up at night. Yes, not immediately after your first hit, but you will fall asleep after the rollercoaster hits the bottom. Even if you don’t feel like sleeping your body will get heavy and force you to lie down while you experience every bit of the euphoric world. You may also end up feeling relaxed and all your worries will sit on the back burner for the next few hours. So, we suggest that you consume cannabis in a comfortable environment. Especially an atmosphere that encourages positive vibes and tranquility. A couch with a blanket in front of a TV screen is not a bad idea.

Never Try Cannabis Alone 

If you are a first-time cannabis user, you should know that the high can take you on a rollercoaster ride. You will experience certain things for the time and it is not wise to consume cannabis alone or with a bunch of sketchy strangers. Abide by the conduct of cannabis consumption and see that you have experienced friends around you. After all, you don’t want to get high in an environment or company unfamiliar to you.

Understand That Excess Of Everything Is Bad

Online 420 evaluations can get you as far as receiving an MMJ card, consuming cannabis safely while ensuring that you are relieved from pain. However, recreational users ideally take charge of their experiences. As a recreational user, your mission is to get high safely without leaving room for side effects. You see, just like every other medicine cannabinoids have their own share of side effects. If you take extra doses at the onset of a cannabis journey. You will feel paranoid, nauseated, and put yourself in a bad mood all at once. So, feel free to start small and increase the dose as you become more aware of your limits.

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Prepare Yourself For A New Relationship 

For me, cannabis was not loved at first bite. But for you, cannabis can be love at first hit. Immediately after feeling your first high, you will either be smitten or you will end up falling in love. Over time you will develop a relationship with your favorite form of consumption. In fact, it will be really hard for you to choose a favorite between your two top cannabis products. However, much like any type of relationship, your pocket will feel the weight. So before you seek a long-term relationship with cannabis make sure you have a steady flow of money.