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5 Effective Ways to Sober Up From Weed High Fast


As more and more medicinal benefits of marijuana are surfacing, searches for phrases like “420 recommendations near me” on search engines are on a surge. Applying for medical marijuana recommendation has now become very easy. People are using cannabis for medical as well as recreational purposes.

But no matter why you use it, there is always a chance of overdoing it. And when done, the after-effects are not so good.

We all get high. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not so much. And bad highs suck. These can make us paranoid. We lose control of our bodies. And the situation can be embarrassing if we are with our parents or co-workers.

Almost every cannabis enthusiast can recite a story about the time when they overdid it and how bad it was. And therefore, they are always on the look for some ways to sober up as quickly as possible in the future.

Well, researchers and some innovative cannabis consumers have surfaced some effective ways to come down from an intense high. Unfortunately, “Smoking more” is not on the list. But, “not smoking anymore” is not so obvious, maybe.

Here’s an interesting fact: You gotta stop smoking more if you are feeling uncomfortably high. Also, you gotta be way more cautious if you are taking edibles, as they can take time to fully show the effects.

How to Sober Up Your Marijuana High in 5 Easy Ways?

So, if you are extremely high. Here are some quick and effective tips that you can follow to sober up.

Try Black Peppercorn

Yes. That’s correct. Black peppercorn, which is normally used to make your food spicy, can actually help you sober up.

This is a tried and tested method by many marijuana consumers. According to them, black peppercorn has the ability to instantly take you down from an intense high. Though simply sniffing can work very well, chewing makes it more effective.

Drink Water

No matter how high you are, you should keep this in mind. Drink as much water as possible. This will calm you down after that heavy dose of marijuana. Also, not only will water help you with a dry mouth but it will also work as a distraction for your over-concerned mind. You will be focusing on small tasks like taking a sip and swallowing.

A few people may also prefer drinking juice or eating some other things. However, you gotta be cautious about what flavor you choose. Some flavors, like mangoes, may enhance the effects of marijuana.

Try Distracting Yourself

Try to shift your mind to some other activities. You may try taking a small walk, listening to music, watching your favorite television show, or having a conversation with your friends. Any activity can help you distract from your cannabis anxiety. The activity that you enjoy can make that marijuana high time pass by without you even realizing it.

Take a Shower

If you are in a comfortable place like your home or your friend’s place, you may take a quick shower. It’s like mental hydration. It will calm you down, lower your heart rate, and make you feel relaxed.

After the shower, take some deep breaths and put on some new clothes. Though you might still not be fully sober, you will be calmer.

Take a Quick Nap

Nothing can make you feel better than a quick refreshing nap. So, if you have some time, do it. This is surely the easiest and most effective way to calm yourself down and feel relaxed. A quick, half an hour nap can help you control your anxiety. You will feel rested and a lot more energized.

Besides, marijuana smoking high doesn’t last much longer. A nap can make the time go by fast, and you won’t be feeling the peaks of the weed if you are asleep.

Marijuana, obviously, has a lot of medical benefits. A lot of people are consuming it for recreational purposes also. But it’s very important to understand how your body works with cannabis. And to make sure you don’t overdo it, try finding what works for you the best, and then stick to it.

And if you wanna fully experience the medical benefits of cannabis, we recommend you apply for a medical marijuana recommendation now.