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5 CBD Rich Strains Cannabis Users Love


CBD or cannabidiol is a widely acknowledged cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, another commonly found cannabinoid, CBD does not have psychoactive properties. In turn, it offers relaxation and other therapeutic benefits leading CBD to be part of the medicinal industry. Also, because CBD lacks the ability to toxicate an individual’s body, it is a great choice for patients who need treatment for chronic pain, stress, anxiety, headaches, nausea, epilepsy, muscle spasms, etc. In fact, there are more than 3.7 million medical marijuana patients in the US and most of them get MMJ evaluations for medical cannabis use. So, for a fact it is clear that many people use CBD for various purposes and I am sure some of them might have experienced its benefits.

Since cannabis made its debut in the market, CBD-rich products have stormed every state dispensary and cannabis store. With so many products out there, it can be difficult for a cannabis user to select one product. This is the reason why we will go through some of the high-quality CBD-rich strains in this post. But first, let us walk you through what it means for a cannabis strain to be CBD rich.

What Does It Mean For A Strain To Be CBD Rich?

There are more than 100 compounds in the cannabis plant. Each function in tandem with each other to provide the desired effect. However, some of the compound, especially CBD, is engineered to produce high-quality strains. CBD is a non-psychoactive substance and it stands for cannabidiol. Cannabis compounds or strains with CBD are popular among a wide range of medical marijuana users. CBD helps provide relief against seizures, anxiety, inflammation, and pain relief. In fact, the scientific community has studied the therapeutic benefits of CBD for years. Some are published while others require more research. Just as you can read studies on cannabidiol, THC also has a fair share of research studies. So, whether you are looking for THC or CBD-rich strains, you will find one thing in common – the THC: CBD ratio.

CBD-rich strains have little amounts of THC present in them. Let us give you an example. In the year 2018, The Farm Bill became law. According to this bill, CBD derived from hemp containing less than or equal to 0.3% THC was legalized federally. This means that you can use CBD nationwide without the fear of a possible arrest. Not only this, but CBD derived from hemp or full-spectrum CBD, both are highly rich, potent, and safe for medical use.

If you are looking for CBD-rich strains here is a list you will love.


A Sativa dominant strain with a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio. It is one of the famous CBD-rich strains that exhibit relaxing properties. Most cannabis users will find themselves in an energetic and happy mood after consuming Harlequin. Typically, descending from the Colombian Gold with its origin dedicated to Nepali Indica, Thai and Swiss strains, Harlequin provides a clear-headed space and keeps the patient alert at all times. Also, with high levels of CBD present in this strain, it becomes an effective choice for medical treatment. Particularly medical conditions such as inflammation, pain, and anxiety.

Harlequin can counteract the effects of THC while amplifying its therapeutic properties. As far as the flavors of this strain are concerned. They range anywhere from sweet mango to an earthy musk. All in all, the strain is extremely famous for its relaxing properties and this is why Harlequin is successful at drawing large no. of patients towards it.

Sweet And Sour Widow

Engineered by the famous CBD Crew, Sweet and Sour Widow has a reputation for its medicinal properties. However, due to its 1:1 CBD/THC ratio, the strain can be slightly euphoric. The even split between the CBD: THC ratio allows an individual to experience every effect equally. Although, this doesn’t mean that the strain will send you to a trans land. In fact, cannabis users report that Sweet and Sour Widow has a very pleasant effect. While calming the nerves, it also acts as a good pain killer.

Sweet and Sour Widow is an Indica dominant strain and on the first sniff, you will get a subtle sweet online-like aroma. In addition, this strain also has a very balanced CBD composition. Making it an effective choice for novice users and patients who want relief from pain without feeling a little foggy in the head. Derived from White Widow and a CBD-rich strain, Sweet and Sour Widow makes for a good medicinal dose. But make sure that you get MMJ evaluations before using the strain for any underlying medical condition.

Ringo’s Gift

Several people joined the cannabis movement in order to legalize cannabis nationwide. While some were successful, others are still trying to promote the therapeutic benefits of cannabis with sheer diligence. The picture of cannabis activists and lovers clearly fits the description of this strain. Because Ringo’s Gift is named after a CBD specialist named Lawrence Ringo. He was the founder of SoHum Seeds and was known for his several contributions to the cannabis community.

Ringo is basically a hybrid between ACDC and Harle-Tsu. It is known for its rich CBD properties, making it one of the highly potent strains with a CBD: THC ratio of 24/1. Also, this strain comes in various ratios. So, don’t forget to read the label before you make a purchase. You can also look at the lab report of any product that you buy from the market. This will help ensure the amount of CBD you are using for alleviating the symptoms of a certain medical condition. If you use Ringo for the first time you will feel a mellow mix of relaxation and couch lock. Making it even better for people who require full-body relaxation after a hectic day.

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ACDC makes for a good medical use strain because it can help patients alleviate the symptoms of pain, stress, and anxiety. Also, with every one in five people getting affected by anxiety episodes on a regular basis, ACDC can come in handy. Its CBD: THC ratio (20:1) has quite an impact on cannabis lovers. Particularly patients how to use it for the purpose of anxiety.

ACDC is quite famous for lifting the symptoms of anxiety. Be it minor or acute anxiety. This strain is a godsend for patients who can tolerate the slight hints of THC. Besides relieving patients of their anxiety, ACDC also harnesses the properties of strains famous in the market. For instance, physical relaxation, good mood with an elevated feeling, and most vitally a very calm mind.


The name certainly sounds weird and absurd and you might start wondering that this strain has nothing to do with CBD. However, the truth is that Pennywise has a significant amount of CBD present in it. The CBD: THC ratio, i.e 1:1 allows a patient to enjoy any dose. But make sure you take a medically supervised dose. For the same, you can get MMJ evaluations and find out whether your medical condition qualifies for medical use or not. In addition to this, Pennywise is a cross between the famous Jack the Ripper and Harlequin. It inhabits the properties of Jack to provide mental clarity while Harlequin helps add the CBD contents effectively.