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Top 4 Conditions For Which Cannabis is Better Than Pharmaceutical Drugs


The problem of pharmaceutical drug addiction in America has reached its extreme heights now. Did you know, in the year 2018 only, more than 65 thousand people have died in the country due to overdosing on these drugs? And the number doesn’t seem to go down any soon unless we do something.

Having said that, a lot of people are now turning to cannabis to treat their medical conditions. Since the legalization of cannabis in the country, people have started understanding its medicinal potential. And due to this, we are seeing a huge surge in the number of people applying for 420 evaluations in San Jose, CA now. Millions of people today already have an MMJ card in the country and are using the herb without any legal trouble.

As per the research on the subject, cannabis is an effective aid against several medical problems. In fact, the experts believe it to be better than pills for many conditions. Here are a few conditions that doctors believe cannabis can help you better with than pharmaceutical drugs.


Epilepsy is a condition caused by a disorder in the central nervous system and is currently affecting more than 3 million people in the US. The problem is usually characterized by seizures, convulsions, and loss of consciousness and is really hard to live with. Epilepsy, in most cases, is very unpredictable and may affect the sufferer’s life significantly.

Currently, we do have a few pharmaceutical medications to manage epileptic seizures. But most of them have very adverse side effects, which may distress the patient even more. And that’s why more and more people are turning to cannabis to treat this particular condition.

Epilepsy is one of the most researched conditions against the effects of cannabis. And as per the research, the herb is a lot safer to treat people with this condition as compared to traditional prescription medicines, as it causes a lot fewer side effects.

As per medical marijuana doctors, CBD is the compound with the most significant results against the condition. CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the compounds that we derive from the marijuana or the hemp plant. And it doesn’t have any intoxicating effects, which makes it suitable for kids too.

In a study conducted in the year 2019, around 368 patients were given a dose of Epidiolex, the only FDA-approved CBD product, for a period of two weeks. And after this time period, the researchers noticed that at least 88 percent of patients saw an improvement in their condition. With continued usage of the medicine for over 12 weeks, the average reduction in seizures was between 48 and 57 percent.


Anxiety has also become a very common psychological health condition among people in the US. The term is usually used to describe feelings of nervousness, tension, and worry. The symptoms may occur in a person occasionally due to one reason or another. But if it has become part of your daily life, it can be a huge problem. Some of the most common anxiety disorders include OCD, PTSD, GAD, etc.

Experts believe cannabis to be an amazing aid against anxiety. Let’s see how.

As per the recent reports by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, an estimated 18 percent of adults in the US are suffering from an anxiety disorder. Some of the most common treatment methods include therapy, medications, and TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). However, with medications, people also have to suffer from several significant side effects.

Due to this, a lot of people are now applying for 420 evaluations in San Jose, CA, as well as in many other parts of the country. In fact, anxiety is one of the most common conditions for which people get an MMJ card. And there are enough reasons for this.

The studies on the use of cannabis tell us that the herb is efficient in helping people relax their minds and bodies, which further leads to a reduction in the level of anxiety. A team of Canadian researchers also studied the effects of cannabis and found it useful in helping people with anxiety disorders. However, experts warn against overconsuming the herb, as it can further raise your anxiety level.

Multiple Sclerosis

This particular condition is a neurodegenerative ailment affecting more than a whopping 400 thousand people across the US. And it is highly unpredictable. The problem is characterized by the body’s own immune system attacking the fibers of your central nervous system. Due to this, the sufferer experiences extreme pain throughout his body. Some of the other symptoms of MS include dizziness, muscle spasm, weakness, fatigue, etc.

Interestingly, the MSS (Multiple Sclerosis Society) believes cannabis to be an effective solution to this problem. As per the estimates, 20 percent of MS patients in the country are using cannabis to manage their condition. And the number may rise with more states legalizing the herb.

Some of the traditional treatments for multiple sclerosis include medicines and physiotherapy. But once again, these drugs do little good to your condition and often lead to various side effects.

On the other hand, marijuana has some amazing anti-inflammatory properties, which can be very helpful for MS patients. Due to this particular property of cannabis, patients can see a significant reduction in their spasms and stiffness. In addition to this, the herb can also help sufferers combat neural tissue inflammation, depression, and other digestive disorders- symptoms that are frequently associated with MS.

A Spanish study that was published in the year 2018 looked at the effects of THC on multiple sclerosis. The researchers observed that out of all, almost 97 percent of MS patients involved in the study saw an improvement in their condition with continuous usage of marijuana for around 32 months.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is also one of the most debilitating conditions a person may have. The problem is often very long-lasting and may make the sufferer’s life extremely difficult. The condition is one of the most significant contributors to the increase in the usage of opioids. And if you aren’t aware, opioids have killed over 47 thousand people in the US in the year 2018 only.

Cannabis, however, is coming out to be a great alternative to manage this problem.

Just like epilepsy, the research on the effects of cannabis on chronic pain has also been significant. And this research tells us that the herb is a really effective aid against this tiring problem. As per experts, marijuana has some amazing anti-inflammatory properties. And inflammation is perhaps the major cause of chronic pain.

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There have been various studies conducted in the past that prove the potential of cannabis against chronic pain. For instance, in a February 2019 study, it was found that out of all medical marijuana patients in the country, 65 percent use it for chronic pain only. Another 2019 study also looked at the effects of cannabis on 20 patients with chronic pain. The researchers found that within six months of usage, all the patients saw some level of improvement in their condition. Also, the side effects of the herbs were almost non-existent as compared to prescription drugs.

Are you suffering from any of the above conditions? Consider switching to cannabis. However, if you are already using some prescription drugs, do talk to a doctor before making the shift. You may not want to stop your current medicine abruptly.