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Trouble In Paradise: 4 Biggest Problems With CBD Products


If it weren’t for CBD, the cannabis industry would still be lurking in the shadows of stigmatization rather than enjoying the fame worth billions of dollars. It seems that the majority of Americans have fully welcomed the concept of a non-intoxicating substance. Obviously, it helps overcome pain, anxiety, and probable depression without having to feel any of the psychoactive effects. However, not all CBD has the same amounts of THC. There are different CBD products in the market and not to mention the federal laxity.

The federal law lists cannabis under the category of harmful substances. The only exception is CBD derived from hemp with less than or equal to 0.3% THC. As long as you’re buying medical CBD in legal states, for instance, medical marijuana in San Jose or New York, you don’t have to worry about a possible arrest. But due to different legal standards, the cannabis industry struggles to find its way through the loopholes. Simply put, even after CBD received recognition nationwide, the law and low-quality CBD products spoil the growing reputation.

These problems raise concerns and debates about a product that the nation is so smitten with. If we take a look at the recent sales surge in major US states, we will not go into a shock to learn how both recreational and medical patients stocked up on cannabis. Interestingly, sales still continue to surge. All thanks to the pandemic and social distancing. Americans more than ever have taken refuge in cannabis to overcome the quarantine blues. With an increase in the usage of CBD products, it is wise to learn whether CBD products are worth your time, health, and money.

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Here is a List of 4 Problems With CBD Products That Require Immediate Attention

Product Labels Are Misleading

As consumers, we believe in advertised labels. The labels help us understand what the product contains and what is the quantity of certain components. However, it is hard to trust the labels pasted outside a CBD product. You see, CBD is a non-regulated substance. While all other products in the market receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration, CBD receives no acknowledgment or regulatory recognition. This also means that cannabis companies selling CBD products basically regulate, control, and put out their own standards.

Agreeably, not all companies manufacture poor-quality CBD products. Some companies produce and manufacture high-quality CBD.  Still, other companies have no qualms regarding cutting corners to meet low-standard CBD products. They will label products according to their convenience, but the actual product does not contain the right amount of CBD. And we have proof to verify the aforementioned statement.

According to a recent report conducted by Mile High Labs, CBD products shelved in the dispensaries have varying degrees of CBD ratio. This is to say that the ratio on the bottle differs from what was found in the lab. If a CBD bottle label says it contains 500mg of CBD, the lab reports show the bottle contains only 300mg of CBD – a stark reality for people smitten by CBD products.

Dosage Is Higher Than Labeled

The debacle remains the same for products containing a higher dosage than what the label reads. In a report published by CBS news, it is easier for customers to get lower CBD than the advertised dose. Similarly, they could also be buying products that contain more CBD than what is jotted down on the label.

Advertently, misleading labels pose a threat to a patient’s health. First, because he or she might be consuming a higher dose than required. Second, this way the quality of the product stands compromised. Third, there are several side effects of an overdose. For instance, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other health risks. Some medical experts believe that overdosing can also lead to fainting. With so many health risks at stake, the question of safety still remains a major concern.

Not to forget, the lab results in some cases proved that products had 210% more CBD than what the label read. This amount of CBD could cause major problems. Particularly, in the case of patients who have to stick to a specific dose for improved results. Not only this, but this could also prove fatal for people who have a serious underlying medical condition.

Non-regulation is the major cause of mislabeled products. And it is far from true to say that cannabis will fall under the regulation of the FDA. The reason for the same is that cannabis is still illegal on the federal level. The Food and Drug Administration cannot regulate something that is wrong in the eyes of the law.

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CBD Has Synthetic Marijuana

People who consume cannabis should know that marijuana has various forms. Some meet the requirements of patients while others are dangerously synthesized. Unfortunately, synthesized additives are easy to locate. A laboratory test or analysis revealed that CBD vapes contained a different kind of CBD synthetic. This report from the Associated Press showed how edibles consist of dangerous substances. Some of these substances come in the form of K2 or Spice. The report went on to say that out of the 30 CBD vapes 10 were tested positive for the presence of synthetic additives.

What’s more, some products did not have any CBD in them. Which is bad news for the CBD industry? Bogus products like these not only cause harm to the concerned patient, but also to the reputation of the CBD industry. This way industries with good quality products are viewed with suspicion. Although, you can always look at the company’s product lab reports to be sure. However, not all companies have lab reports. And in this case, the only option is that you get your product tested in the lab.

In addition to this, make sure you do not buy products from companies you’ve never heard of. For instance, local smoke shops, convenience stores, or truck shops. These sellers are not licensed to sell cannabis products. For high-quality cannabis products look for state-licensed dispensaries with reputed brands. If you have doubts, visit the U.S. Hemp Authority list of certified CBD products. It will help you learn a lot about CBD products and their potency.

CBD Products Contain THC Content

Have you ever wondered why people get arrested for possessing or consuming CBD-rich products? After all, CBD derived from hemp is legal. Well, we can help you find the answer to this confusion. You see, the law seems unsure about cannabis products. With naked eyes, THC and CBD flowers look the same. On top of its tests show that CBD products contain enough THC. As soon as THC shows in a CBD-rich product, an individual fails the drug test. The reason why so many people get flagged for consuming CBD-induced products. And in my personal opinion, the problem will remain intact as long as cannabis is illegal on the federal level.

Another major reason why you should always purchase CBD products from reputable companies. All in all, with so many loopholes in the rules, it is hard to identify what is wrong and what is right. But, as a customer, you can identify whether CBD products are worth your money or not.